Cost of Cosmetology School and How to Finance It


If you search how much is cosmetology school a month, the results would be shocking. This cost can be based on the duration and courses of cosmetology school. Courses in the field of cosmetology might range in length from one type to another. Undergraduate degrees typically take between one to three years to complete, and master's degrees often take two years. The majority of the certificate programs allow students to work at their own pace. Their average duration ranges from three months to a year. Based on this duration, the average cost of cosmetology school can reach from $5,000 to even more than $15,000.

This research and understanding can make you question, “Is cosmetology school worth it?”. To help you get a clearer perspective, this blog will give you details on how much does it cost to go to cosmetology school and what are the ways to help you cover this cost

What is Cosmetology School?

The extensive study and practice of cosmetic treatments is considered to be the field of cosmetology which is taught in the cosmetology schools. These schools offer courses on hair, makeup, nails, and skin care which are typically included in the curriculum. They also typically offer full-length beauty classes

It is important for cosmetology students or estheticians to take such courses as the cosmetology schools may also teach specialized fields of beauty, such as manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling, as well as techniques for permanent hair removal, such as waxing and sugaring. Some of the courses can also help to provide technological services, such as intense laser light. Many of these services can be quite lucrative. For example clients pay anywhere from $75 to $250 for lash lift services.

After getting done with the degree, you might turn out to be a specialized expert in your field which can improve your employability. Besides, you might also have enough skills on hand to get started with your own business. Therefore, getting into the cosmetology school can be worth an investment for your career prospects. 

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Cosmetology School?

Many websites will give you an idea of how much does cosmetology school cost. The cosmetology school average cost can be between $5,000 to more than $15,000. That too can depend on the program and duration of the degree. With a very specialized program and duration of over 2 years, the cost can also reach up to $20,000. As a student, this might be a lot to cover even if you have a job at hand. 

Milady provides the statistics on the average cost of cosmetology school. It shows that the cost can be divided into three major domains in the USA i.e. tuition fee, cosmetology school kit, and license fee. An average school can have a program tuition fee of around $14,480 while the cosmetology school kit can be bought for around $1,500. Other than this, the cosmetology license cost can also reach $58 in the USA. To cover all these costs, you might need some help to finance your school fees. 

How to Pay for Cosmetology School?

If you think smartly, there can be many options to explore to pay for your cosmetology school. This article will cover all the ways in which you can cover your cosmetology school fee with less hassle. It can help you to be carefree about the program fee so you can focus more on your study and practice. 


A significant number of colleges also offer cosmetology and esthetician scholarships. Because students are not required to repay the money they receive from scholarships, they are always an excellent alternative to pay for your cosmetology program. Your major focus should be to win a scholarship if you are eligible for it.

Would you like to add $1,000 to your funds to cover the cosmetology fee? Consider applying for their Sunlight Spa Scholarship which is easiest to apply for and has a greater chance to win. This scholarship is to support beauty industry workers of the future, including estheticians, massage therapists, cosmetologists, and other beauty professionals. Five outstanding applicants will receive $1,000 each year as scholarship prizes from this program. All qualified individuals are invited to apply for the scholarship, which is intended to help cover the cost of higher education.


Other than scholarships, the beauty industry also offers cosmetology grants that are extensively given to cosmetology and esthetician students. These grants may have different requirements than scholarships as they are mostly need-based for persons in need of considerable financial support

Its concentration on financial aid for need-based programs limits it to low-income groups and demographics in the USA. You may need to disclose your finances to confirm eligibility.  As these are the academic grants that are mostly given by government or private institutions annually, they need more documents. Offering these grants assures no esthetician is unable to advance because of budgetary constraints. You can search for Pell Grant disbursement dates 2023 which is one of the most popular grants in the USA.


If you are unable to win any scholarship or grant, there’s another way to save you from financial burden. Many student loans are offered to make it easier for students to pursue their dream educational program. You can consult with the school’s management on whether they are offering a loan or some institutions will also help you to cover the school expenses by offering some loan. 


Taking care of all the expenses without any grant or scholarship can be challenging. You should also consider seeking help from family to get some support to cover your expenses. It will help to get through the difficult journey or education with some ease. 


The whole cost of tuition can be overwhelming, but some institutions that specialize in cosmetology offer payment plans to help students spread out the expense. You need to inquire about possible payment plans with your school advisor.

Sunlight Spa Scholarship is on a mission to spread awareness among students on how they can get through cosmetology schools by exploring various options. With this information, you also need to expand your research and start exploring further options to pursue your dreams.