Eligibility Criteria for Esthetician Scholarships and Grants



If you are passionate about your journey of becoming an expert Esthetician with a fancy degree, winning an esthetician scholarship or grant would give you a perfect kickstart. There are a number of opportunities to unveil in the world of scholarships and grants which can help you to pursue your esthetician dreams with less obstacles. While searching for such opportunities, you need to evaluate whether you fall under their eligibility criteria. This blog will tell you about the eligibility criteria for esthetician scholarships and grants when applying for different categories.

Why Care About Esthetician Scholarships and Grants?

Your journey to become a skincare enthusiast or esthetician can be full of challenges. The degree for an esthetician can provide you with valuable knowledge to be an expert in your field. However, the cost for these degrees can be as high as $15,000. This can put a load of debt on your shoulders even if you have some savings and a job. Winning a scholarship would give you a far better opportunity to finish your degree without worrying about any expenditures

The step to apply for a scholarship or grant comes after ensuring the eligibility criteria for the respective opportunity. It is important to have the information related to different criteria under which you can get more chances to win the money. These esthetician grants and scholarships will ensure that you have a clear path for your educational opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria of Esthetician Scholarships and Grants


You will find a range of esthetician scholarships and grants based on distinct eligibility criteria. These can be based on a low income, specific community, merit, or specific citizenship. Below is a description of all types of scholarships that can be pursued to help you make an informed decision. 


  • While most scholarships can be based on merit or achievements, there are certain scholarships and grants that are need-based. These can mostly be in the form of grants that take into consideration your financial situation to provide you with relevant support for a cosmetology or esthetician programme. You may be required to provide information about your income, expenses, and any other relevant financial details in the form of documentation to prove your need for grants.

    This programme can only accept applications from those who fall into the criteria for low incomes since it provides funding for need-based. Annually, these awards are mostly given out by organizations or government agencies to help fund students' education. It makes sure that no esthetician has to give up on their dreams of becoming a professional because they can not afford it. Pell Grants or Cal Grants are the most important examples of need-based scholarships that can be applied for.


  • With growing humanitarian awareness, the scholarships are now also focused on specific minorities to promote them to grow their career prospects without hurdles. For instance, in the USA, certain scholarship programs are offered to specific minorities. Black Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) have access to comparable possibilities under the Dermalogica "New Beginnings" Scholarship Programme in the USA. This grant covers not just the cost of tuition but also the student's career with a 6-month mentoring opportunity with a licensed skin professional.

    If you are a minority, these scholarships will help to provide you with a clear path to achieving your dream career as an esthetician. Several organizations are providing such scholarships to support multiple indigenous and people of color which has fostered new talent acquisition in the beauty industry. 



  • With strong academic achievements and skills at hand, you can also apply for some merit-based scholarships. This includes scholarships that may have academic requirements, such as a minimum GPA. This is also true for those who are applying for the grants as they need to sustain a certain GPA to make sure that they retain their chances of getting yearly sponsorships. 

    This is majorly good news for those who have been working hard to maintain a good academic background. Such scholarships and grants are majorly focused on maximizing the talented individuals in the industry. It is important to Make sure to check if there are any specific academic criteria you need to meet.


  • One important type of scholarship is based on citizenship. These scholarships may be limited to residents of specific regions or countries. You can check in the applications if there are any citizenship or residency requirements. 

    For instance, Great Clips believes in investing in the students from United States and Canada who aspire to careers as stylists. The organization annually gives scholarships totaling more than $100,000. The scholarships range from $2,500 to $5,000, giving each student a financial boost to pursue their passions. This means that holding a particular citizenship can also provide you with some benefits. 


  • Apart from all the other forms of scholarships, some esthetician scholarships and grants are open to everyone. These can be the easiest opportunities to apply for and can provide you with better chances to win the scholarship if you don’t fall under the aforementioned categories of merit, citizenship, need-based, or minority-based scholarships and grants

    One easiest scholarships to apply for is offered by Sunlight Spa Supply. Each year, the organization intends to offer a $1,000 scholarship to 5 lucky students who intend to pursue their career in the field of beauty industry. You only need to submit a short creative essay to be enrolled in the competition. 

    Bottom Line

    The beauty industry is filled with unending opportunities. With the right frame of mind and enthusiasm to succeed, you can win multiple scholarships in different niches. It is always recommended to plan ahead of time to shortlist a few opportunities and start planning to apply for them. 

    Winning scholarships and grants will help to reduce the financial burden and help you focus on gaining the required skills and expertise in your degree. Expand your research to learn more about esthetician scholarships and grants