Esthetician Scholarships vs Grants


The journey of becoming an expert esthetician is not easy due to financial struggles.  There can be many Esthetician Scholarships and Grants that can assist you in making your career prospects more achievable. Among many esthetician scholarships and grants available online, you can be confused about where to apply

The first step towards finding new opportunities is to evaluate the difference between esthetician scholarships and grants. This will help you make an informed decision about which pathway to choose to achieve your desired financial funding. Below is detailed information about all you need to know about esthetician scholars and grants.

Esthetician Scholarships

The esthetician scholarships are usually considered as the financial awards that are designed to support the aspirations of the beauty students. A number of organizations are willing to provide esthetician scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing a career in esthetician programs or related fields

These scholarships are the ones which have a specific eligibility criterion for the applicants. If a person does not fit these criteria, the disqualification is most likely. Unlike grant applications, the scholarships follow a high competition. If you are an esthetician who is aiming to apply for a cosmetology and esthetician scholarship, your application needs to stand out to be highly qualified for the scholarship. 


The application process for scholarship programs can differ from that of grants. This part is important to understand if you want to apply for the right program. Scholarship applications often require a combination of academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement/essay, and sometimes a portfolio which can help the applicant showcase their passion and skills in esthetics. The most outstanding and creative application is likely to win the scholarship. 

The application process makes scholarships highly competitive and focused on merit. You need to be highly enthusiastic and qualified to succeed in selection after the application process. To have a better application, it is recommended to have a thorough research. 


We also took the pain of finding a few top scholarship programs that can help you achieve financial funds in a few easy and simple steps. Here are the three scholarship programs that you must apply for in 2023.


The Sunlight Cosmetology Fund Annual Scholarship is pleased to announce that five outstanding candidates will be selected for its scholar program for the upcoming year. Each winner will get a whopping $1,000 prize to help them pursue their ambition of becoming a licensed esthetician. The scholarship will be officially announced again on March 1st, 2024.


Professional Beauty Association (PBA) also offers the MILADY RISE Scholarship, which is worth $500. This scholarship is also given every year to eligible students who want to work in the beauty industry. PBA scholarships are designed to help industry leaders and professionals expand their knowledge without having to worry about financial aid.


For all students enrolled full-time in beautician/cosmetology programs, the Buy-Rite Beauty Scholarship is open. In addition to offering scholarships, the institution of Buy-Rite supports the beauty sector by giving resources to beauty schools. The scholarship program also aims to support emerging talent with limited financial resources by offering over a $1,000 financial fund. The scholarship has an easy and simple criterion to proceed with the application.  

Esthetician Grants

Like scholarships, grants in the beauty industry are also offered generously for financial assistance to anyone seeking to proceed with their studies in the cosmetology or esthetician industry. These grants can have a different criteria compared to scholarship programs. More specifically, these grants are focused majorly on need-based funding for those who are in need of high financial support

Due to its focus on financial assistance for need-based programs, it can be only limited to those that are from specific demographics like low-income groups. To prove your eligibility, you might need to be transparent about your current financial situation

These grants are mainly offered by the government authorities or private institutions every year for academic support. It ensures that no esthetician is unable to achieve career prospects due to a lack of financial support


The application process for grants is unique in that you need to prove your need for financial support. This means that the applicant needs to provide evidence related to income statements and related documentation. The financial aid can be provided based on the applicants that are most eligible for the grant.

Apart from financial need, your application should also include a personal statement where you reveal your passion and enthusiasm towards your field. This is likely to give a good impression to the selection committee. 


Among the various grants available online, the following are the ones that you must consider if you are in need of financial support


Pell Grants are the ones that are offered by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in the USA. These grants are provided to students from all fields to help them in their studies. The program requires evidence from parent’s income, student’s income, and other documentation to ensure the need for support. 


Among various Cal Grants, you must consider programs A, B, and C. The Cal Grant A is the one which is most authentic and high-priced providing funding with amounts reaching up to $9700 for tuition and fees. The Cal Grant B Competitive Award requires a minimum 2.0 GPA, catering to disadvantaged students with a program of study lasting at least one year. Cal Grant C is also important to consider which focuses on vocational and community colleges in California, offering $576 for books, equipment, and tools.


When you fulfill the conditions regarding your unstable financial situation, full attendance, and good grades, you can get the incredible $1,000 grant from the NCEA Esthetician Scholarship to help finance your studies. The deadlines for this scholarship are every three months. When submitting your application, make sure to include a one-page statement outlining your financial situation and your desire to become an aesthetic.