9 Amazing Benefits of Electric Facial and Massage Beds

A salon experience is one of the most relaxing times for many of us. And, we spend a lot of time in the salon getting different grooming services, all so that we can look good and feel refreshed. Whether we went to a spa or just a simple manicure, we all know how good it feels.

This is why, as a salon owner, you should take every opportunity to make your salon even more comfortable. The more comfortable your clients are in your space, the happier they will be with your service and will become repeating customers. This alone makes it a valuable investment in your salon business that will payoff over time. The most famous salon furniture is a facial bed. Having more comfort in your salon or spa can also draw more traffic to your business. Increased revenues means more paying customers coming in for services and which facility wouldn't want that?

Facial spa and massage is the most valuable service which is offered in each and every beauty salon. If you want to take your beauty spa to the next level, then you have to buy stylish, attractive, and functional facial beds to achieve your goals in an excellent way. However, to buy good quality facial beds you have to do a little work. The best way is to get in touch with a reliable facial bed supplier offering the best brands.

Offer Your Clients with Quality Experience!

You will be getting up close and personal while giving facial and massage treatments and the quality of their experience with your service will largely depend on the feel of the comfort on the massage table or table itself.

When you order from Sunlight Spa Supply, you can take beauty spa experience to the next level with confidence and you will have a multitude of options from which to choose. Aside from the aesthetics, we strive to offer quality spa equipment with top-rated customer service. From electric facial beds, electric spa treatment tables, medical massage beds, electric massage tables, 4 motor electrical spa beds, electric hydraulic facial beds, esthetician's facial beds, electric facial chairs, and much more for sale, all kinds of massage tables whether you need portable or electric.

What is an Electric Massage Facial Bed?

To get facial treatments done, a facial bed refers to a bed or chair in which the client lays. Some facial beds have features that can even allow clients to get full-body spa treatments. From classic wooden, stationary beds to motorized ones, you can find a wide range of variants online. Then there are simple beds to some high-tech beds that have a million of buttons that correspond to a million different functionalities.

So are massage beds good for you? Whatever make or function it offers, these beds are essential in spas and face treatment centers as they give clients the comfort they need to relax. They can even make the harshest and longest of the facial treatments comfortable. You would know that an uncomfortable facial bed can ruin the entire experience if you have ever gone to get a facial treatment at a spa. Feeling even just a little bit of discomfort for clients can be a nuisance that distracts them from relaxing and having a good time, which is the very first reason why most people go to a spa in the first place. That said, investing in a high-quality facial bed even if it is just for a facial treatment or spa would reap a lot of amazing benefits.

Benefits of an Electric Massage Beds

  1. Improved customer satisfaction with optimal comfort: Sure, your customers can have facial treatments done from you on any massage bed. This does not mean the experience will be comfortable, though. Because of the amount of time that people spend in your salon, it is important to keep your customers as comfortable as possible. For optimal comfort, as they go through a facial or spa procedure, a high-quality and adjustable bed will come in handy.
  2. Adjustments can be made quickly: Any of the relaxing treatments requires you to lie on your back, lay your head, and maybe even move your head around to give the professional right access to the canvas they will be working on. The facial beds are specifically designed to make alterations to support your head and back well during the treatments. Even the low-quality beds can provide adequate support, however, the higher-quality beds can provide support and extra comfort in the form of soft cushions and padding. Plus, these can be adjusted to accommodate the different weights and body types.
  3. A better experience for professionals: Apart from your customers, your employees also contribute to your salon's success, allowing them to perform their treatments and procedures on you more effectively. Generally, they are well-trained to do what they do but they still effectively perform any treatment or procedure on you with a facial bed as compared to a couch.
  4. Convenience: Having a dedicated piece of equipment with the sole purpose of supporting you during spa treatments beats having to repurpose different seats in your salon just to give a facial. For one, you don't have to go through the hassle of setting up your space every time you want treatment done.
  5. Advanced techniques and accessibility that enable better therapies: In this advancing technological era, we have moved from desktops to laptops, cell phones to smartphones, and in-store shopping to online shopping. Then why stick to traditional non-adjustable spa chairs when you can choose from electric massage beds in a variety of sizes, colors, and improved features? For instance, some versions have features such as swiveling tables, vibration settings and several types of support to enhance customer experience.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing: Having a functional, chic, and quality beauty bed can improve the aesthetics of your salon. Note that, when customers walk into your salon, they don't just rate your service on therapies but also on your interior elegance. Having a quality bed will complete the luxurious salon experience that people crave.
  7. Helps to offer a plethora of services: The more diverse the services, the more customers, and eventually the more business generates more revenue. With the versatility and modern features, you can offer your clients with various services with a single electric facial bed under your belt.
  8. Durable: Here at Sunlight Spa Supply, we strive to cut through the noise and only provide the best for you. Investing in quality allows you to determine how long and in what form it will last.
  9. Budget-Friendly: With the above-enlisted benefits, you have concluded the price of professional electric massage beds to be skyrocketing? However, this is not the case. With a one-time investment, you can reap the benefits for years to come. Moreover, they come with a wide price range to make your purchase as extravagant or as simple as you want.