Body Cushions: The perfect way to make your massage clinic stand out.

When giving a patient a massage, shouldn’t the focus be on providing the most comfortable experience possible? Every massage clinic wants to stand out and have more business, but how can they stand out if they don’t have a good experience from the start? Many clinics will use heated blankets or scented massage oils, and those are both good options, but the thing that will make your customers think “wow I have to come back!” and tell all their friends and family about you isn’t just the little things. It’s the big things; what bigger thing than the most comfortable surface they have ever lied on? That is where body cushions come in.

Here at Sunlight Spa Supply, we realized the importance of a comfortable support a long time ago which is why we decided to partner with Body Support Systems to offer the best body cushions in the industry. They have one of the most trusted brands in the industry, and hundreds of big names use them and vouch for their effectiveness. Brands like Mayo Clinic, Nike, Johns Hopkins, along with several major league sports teams and even the Navy Seals. With such a prominent following, it’s no wonder that so many spas and massage clinics are making the switch. It’s really the only way to go.

So if you’re looking for a way to stand out, wondering why people are saying your tables aren’t comfortable enough, thinking about ways to get more business, or just want to treat your customers right, consider adding body cushions to your experience. Your customers will thank you.

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