Choosing the Best Facial Bed for your Spa

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Selecting a spa bed can be difficult. You need to purchase chic and opulent facial beds to advance your beauty spa and achieve your goal. A facial bed is ideal for customers to unwind and feel comfortable.

A comfortable and relaxing facial bed

 is essential to make their clients feel at ease while receiving facial care. There are several aspects of a facial massage bed of excellent quality. Customers should choose mattresses that are comfortable and simple to use for them. Here are a few things to consider before making your purchase:

Portable or Stationary

Due to its efficiency, a portable facial bed is an attractive choice for treatments that take place on-site, such as at clients' homes. You have the flexibility to work from any location, thanks to its effectiveness and convenience. It won't, however, last for more than ten years. You'll need to get a new one every few years, which isn't horrible.

A stationary bed is excellent at integrating comfort features because it is not intended to be moved about much. Although it is large and hefty, it has many features that will keep your customers happy and comfortable. It also lasts longer and can support more weight than portable facial beds.

Available space

Remember the size of your treatment room when purchasing a face bed. This prevents obtaining an overly huge bed and makes it difficult for the customer to move about or for you to operate efficiently.

Hydraulic or Electric

A hydraulic facial bed contains a foot pedal that raises and lowers the bed, allowing height modification. Hydraulic face beds sometimes have a 360° rotatable base, assisting estheticians with movement and reach. The hydraulic lift is simply for height adjustment.

A facialist has better comfort, movement, and control thanks to an electric facial bed. It has an adjustable leg rest and backrest, extra padding for comfort, a 2- to 4-motor engine, and remote control for all the adjustments the facial bed needs.

Static or adjustable

Adjustment is necessary to satisfy your needs and those of your client. In a face bed, many adjustment areas are crucial. These include the legs, height, and the angle of the head. With these modifications, the bed may be made to satisfy both your and your client's comfort requirements. For instance, adjusting for height is crucial because your posture and back will be impacted if the facial bed is too high or low (ultimately, your treatment).


Undoubtedly, a high-quality facial bed is not inexpensive. A high-quality bed can cost up to $2,500, while something more affordable to get you going can cost between $600 and $1,000. Since quality is everything in the beauty industry, getting a good facial treatment bed is crucial. There are less expensive choices available that provide excellent value but lack key elements like reliability and comfort.

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