Explore the Dura-Comfort Difference

When searching for the best massage tables, consider this: not all massage tables will have exactly what you want or need in a table. This can lead to a classic case of buyer’s remorse, and you can start to feel disappointed that you weren’t able to find exactly what you wanted. This is where Dura-Comfort tables come in. Dura-Comfort has a customization level that is one of the best in the industry. The number of add-ons you can get for each table is unparalleled, and each table is altered specifically for your order. Do you want an extra layer of luxurious foam? Go for it! Do you want a widened face hole? Just ask! Other customizations include memory foam, a shelf for the Contour table, an attached paper cutter, and a headrest for the dura-comfort massage table. For any of these additions, just email contact@sunlightspasupply.com and we will take care of it! If you have a specific request, you can always ask, and we will check and see if it is possible.

What else is different about Dura-Comfort? Well, their team has spent years developing the perfect tables, focusing on the best ways to make the most durable and most comfortable tables on the market. It’s in the name! The other difference is that they have some of the most affordable tables you’ll find. They are masters of making tables cheaper for you without sacrificing quality in any way. They live up to their name and we think these tables are likely to be the perfect fit for your clinic.

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