How to choose the best massage table for your spa

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It might be challenging to select the appropriate massage table for your modality and circumstance when so many models and features are available. The massage table is the most crucial piece of equipment not just for massage therapists but also for physiotherapists, chiropractors, estheticians, and a variety of health modalities.

When picking out the best massage table for your spa, you must consider the following things:


How many therapists will utilize the table? Since therapists come in all shapes and sizes, height adjustment is essential when buying a table.

Adjustable tables with electric lift features and manual adjusters are available. Your treatment tables should be chosen with the therapists' comfort and the client's in mind. The therapist's ability to work is hampered by a table that is difficult to change swiftly and readily, which lowers potential income.

Do you run a great clinic with lots of therapists on staff? The use of massage tables with motorized lift table choices needs to be carefully considered. Electric lift features can boost convenience, comfort, and treatment possibilities for both the therapist and the patient.

Weight of a Portable Table

Most therapists concur that a portable treatment table should weigh between 22 and 46 lbs (10-20 kg)—the materials employed to affect the final weight. Aluminium massage tables that are only a few pounds are solid and portable. We advise choosing the one with the most weight and portability for daily use.

Width of table

Spa tables and treatment/massage tables range from 27 to 33 inches. Between manufacturers and table styles, table widths vary. The width of your table should be determined by your treatment services, your working comfort, your physical size, and the comfort of your clients. Spa tables are generally a little wider to accommodate customer comfort. Clients and spa services are frequently "on the table" for extended periods. Clients also come in a variety of sizes and forms. Think of a wider table if you are tall. The client or massage therapist may need to participate in some massage techniques actively. A narrower table enables the therapist to interact with the patient more.

Compositions of Materials and Coverings


Consider how the foam padding used to build your treatment table will affect the environment. On high-quality tables, cushioning and foams that do not "off gas" or "collapse" have become standard building components. Compared to tables constructed of less expensive materials, these environmentally friendly table paddings and covers have a much longer lifespan, but they could be more expensive. The greatest option for a closed treatment room may not be some very cheap tables manufactured with unfriendly foam and coverings, even though they may be a reasonable price.

Vinyl surfaces

The type of vinyl used on the table must be considered by spas, therapists, and clinics considering modern disinfecting and sanitization procedures. Synthetic leather has long since taken the place of natural leather. These modern synthetic leathers are frequently brand specific. The textures, lifespans, and colour options of leather replacements are all distinctive. They also differ in their capacity to withstand repeated disinfectant application. For these covers, look up the warranties. Looking for surfaces that won't dry out and fracture under stress is a good idea.

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