How to use a treatment table?

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Multiple treatment tables are offered to meet the various needs of patients. Patients are supported by treatment tables in doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals for various medical examinations. The tables can be positioned to improve patient support, allow for easier access to the patient, and allow for the patient's safe transfer onto and off the table.

 During patient treatments like physiotherapy and rehabilitation, some treatment tables are employed. There are many different treatment tables, including static tables, mat tables, pediatric tables, and tables with power adjustments.

Move your physical therapy table properly.

Place your foot on the lever and push it down to raise your physical therapy table onto its casters. Under the leg area of the physical therapy table, there is a single lever that can operate all four casters. Put your foot under the lever and raise it to drop the table off its casters. Before treating your patients, please ensure the treatment table's casters are off to prevent damage or harm.

How to regulate your physical therapy table's elevation

The table's front and back include up and down controls under the head and leg sections, respectively. Additionally, the rules are tucked away beneath the base's side rails. The left switch will lower the physical treatment table, and the right button will raise the table when you are in front of it.

The soft-touch switches are positioned under the base rail on either side of the physical treatment table. The treatment table is lowered by the button to the left and raised by the switch to the right. Put your heel on the ground and elevate your toes to switch it on.

Adjusting the physical treatment table's leg part

An upbeat lock bar controls the Treatment Table's leg part. Lift the pad into the proper position to raise it. Rotate the star knob to release the locking mechanism connected to the locking bar, allowing the sliding rods to pass freely. This will lower the leg section pad. When falling on the pillow, it's crucial to keep your hand there to prevent the place from dropping suddenly.

Adjusting the physical treatment table's head section

Two positive lock bars that govern the table's head portion provide it with the maximum amount of stability. Rotate the star knob to unlock the locking mechanism connected to the locking bar and allow the sliding rods to pass freely to lower the head portion. When falling on the pad, it's crucial to keep your hand there to prevent the place from dropping suddenly. Lift the head part into the desired position to raise it.

A wide variety of treatment tables are available to meet the demands of patients and provide comfort while receiving a diagnosis or treatment. To purchase your very own treatment table, head over to

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