Three devices every esthetician must have

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The job of an esthetician isn't anything easy by any means. When your primary task is to better the customer's skin and enhance their beauty, you really can't afford to offer anything but perfect treatments. You need to provide the best services and utilize the best products to become a well-reputed esthetician in your locality.

An esthetician business is quite a lucrative endeavour, but even though many people try their hand at it, few manage to succeed. One of the primary reasons for that is prioritizing the wrong things. As a business, you'll need a ton of things to set up, each one more important than the last. You can't really forego any of the elements, but you can prioritize them in order of what your business needs the most. This may be different for every business owner, depending on their priorities. However, estheticians often seem to forget the importance of essential equipment.

We've all fallen down the rabbit hole of buying the trendiest products and the latest models, no matter the price. However, this is something you can't afford if you want to keep your business afloat. In that case, here are three must-haves for every esthetician; these core products will build the foundation for your business.

Magnification Lamp

A magnification lamp is one of the essential equipment you can purchase for your business. In industry language, these are known as mag lamps. As the name shows, these lamps magnify the skin so the esthetician can easily view all that is not visible to the naked eye. Besides the magnifying function, they also double as lamps, providing more than adequate lighting to make the esthetician's job much more manageable. Some lamps will offer dimmer light control for easier functioning. In any case, the lamps can be attached near your working space to allow better workflow.

Facial Steamer

Another vital device for estheticians is the facial steamer. Whether or not you have fancy skin care products is not a priority at the moment. What you need as a starter is a good-quality facial steamer. This steamer stimulates blood circulation and opens up the client's pores, making it much easier for the esthetician to clean and exfoliate all debris and grime from the skin. The stimulation also allows the client to rest and relax while the esthetician does their job. Features will vary according to the models, but recent models have featured adjustable heads, a system to integrate essential oils and an inbuilt draining system - everything you need to give your client a luxury experience!

Exfoliating brush

With the mag lamp overhead and the steamer having opened up the pores, the client is now prepped for their treatment. An essential part of their treatment is Exfoliation, which involves the removal of dead cells to make further treatment more effective and easier - in other words, to give a clean slate for the esthetician to work with. Therefore, an exfoliating brush is crucial - a gentle brush will relax the client, improve their skin health, remove bacteria and dead cells and leave the client's face crystal clear for the esthetician to continue their treatment!

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