Using body cushions for pregnant clients

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For a mother-to-be, pregnancy is an exciting and demanding time. The mother must devote all her attention and effort throughout those nine months to ensuring her child is safe and getting the support and nutrition needed to grow.

The most apparent advantage of a pregnancy pillow is that it improves sleep for the user by supporting the body during sleep. Below are a some more advantages of using a pregnant pillow:

A maternity or pregnancy pillow is specially made to accommodate and support the body's shifting curves and contours during pregnancy and provide support for various sleeping positions. They are substantially longer than typical pillows since they are made to support the entire body. Sleeping during pregnancy is more comfortable with a maternity pillow. It helps in the later stages of pregnancy when sleeping in a normal position becomes difficult.

Improves blood circulation

 Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides to improve blood circulation. A pregnant lady may find it uncomfortable to sleep on her side because of her expanding tummy. A pregnancy pillow's gentle cushioning makes it possible to sleep comfortably on your side, which eases and improves blood circulation in the body.

Better, more laid-back, and longer sleep durations

 The secret to a healthy pregnancy is adequate sleep, which a maternity pillow will help you achieve. A maternity cushion will be helpful even after giving birth since it will assist you in positioning your newborn when breastfeeding so that they may learn how to sit up on their own.

Reduces muscle and joint pain

The back, hips, and legs are stressed and put under pressure during pregnancy as body weight increases. Resting these body parts is essential, and you can only do it if you can sleep in a comfortable position. A pregnancy cushion will offer support and comfort, enable sound slumber, and ease the aches and pains.

Although there isn't a set period to use a pregnancy pillow, you can start doing so as soon as you experience discomfort while switching positions while you sleep. The belly begins to grow around week 20 of pregnancy, and the added weight causes pain in the ligaments and other areas of the body. Use of a maternity cushion can begin at this time.

Regular pillows may not be able to give a pregnant lady the support she needs because they were not made for that purpose. Standard pillows may cause discomfort and body aches if they slide about as you move around while you sleep. However, you should keep using your pillow if you are accustomed to it and feel comfortable doing so while pregnant.

How Do regular Pillows and Pregnancy Pillows Differ?

Pregnancy pillows feature the required curves and shapes to fit the form of a pregnant woman. They are made specifically to accommodate pregnant women's changing body shape and size. Body pillows, on the other hand, are long and straight. While some expectant mothers find body pillows comfortable, others prefer pregnancy pillows due to their reassuring and adaptable design.

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