Using treatment tables for physical therapy

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Most physical therapy programs involve some treatments that require a stable surface. One may assume that any sturdy furniture is used for physical therapy, but that is not the case. Physiotherapy is a delicate process, and the conditions must be perfect for the client so they can recover as soon as possible. Using the wrong surface for your clients can prove to be highly detrimental to the clients' health and, eventually, the reputation of your physiotherapy business. 

Therefore, choosing a suitable treatment table for your practice is crucial. Treatment tables are the most commonly used equipment for physical therapy practitioners because they have a stable and sturdy surface to perform treatments on. Physiotherapy patients need balance and stability for their rehabilitation, so it is essential that you choose a good treatment table for them. 

Treatment tables come in all shapes and sizes, with different types used for different treatment specialities. Here is a guide to some treatment tables you may use for your physical therapy clinic!

Static Treatment Tables

These tables are one of the most popular options for most physiotherapy clinics. They are stationary, so they provide clients with accurate balance and stability. This table is perfect for you if the patient's treatment requires a strong and sturdy surface. Although it is not adjustable, it can still double as a massage bed or for any other treatment that requires less movement. 


  • They are reasonably priced, so they're a great place to start with your physiotherapy clinic
  • They are easy to use because you don't have to spend too much energy adjusting it 


  • They do not accommodate people in wheelchairs, so your services leave out a large chunk of potential customers

Adjustable Treatment Tables

As apparent in the name, adjustable treatment tables are adaptable and can conform to the client's treatment requirements and physique. These are not fixed in place, so if you're short on space, you can easily fold them away for more room in your clinic. Although this table does not offer many features, it is still possible to provide better conditions and treatment for the patient by adjusting the height and backrest. 


  • They are compact, so you can stow them away for future use
  • They are suitable for people in wheelchairs, so your services can reach a large number of potential clients 


  • They are slightly more expensive than static tables 

Power Adjustable Table

Another treatment table that is becoming increasingly used in the physiotherapy industry is the power adjustable treatment table. These tables take adaptability to the next level with their electronic adjustments. They allow for easy treatments and quick adjustments to improve the quality and speed of the patient's rehabilitation. These tables are also not fixed, so you can fold them away when your work is done.


  • Electronically adjustable settings allow for improved treatments and workflow
  • They are suitable for people in wheelchairs, so you have a more extensive potential customer base 


  • They are more expensive than static adjustable treatment tables

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