What to look for when buying a body cushion

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Contrary to popular belief, physiotherapy doesn't only involve fancy equipment and heavy-duty robotic supports. At the core of physiotherapy is the goal to improve the client's physical condition and enhance their overall life. Everything impacts our physical condition, whether we are awake or sleeping. However, many people overlook the importance of sleeping in physiotherapy.

You may already be aware that too many people have trouble sleeping. Although some may experience this because of stress, illness or some other viable cause, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, the reason you can't sleep properly is because of the very foundation you lay on. When you can't find any valid reason why you haven't been able to sleep properly, the cause may be attributed to a poorly fitting pillow.

A poor-fitting pillow or body cushion is more detrimental to your physical health and sleeping habits than it may sound. It causes neck pain, back pain, tension, poor sleep, snoring and a host of similar problems. Therefore, having a good pillow with you is crucial. You'll also need good body cushions for physiotherapy to help clients improve their sleeping position and quality. Here's what to look for in a body cushion! 

The purpose

Before you decide on a specific body cushion, make sure you have a clear purpose. You can't just get any body cushion on the market, mainly because you need to consider your clients' requirements. Clarifying the requirements and purpose beforehand will allow you to choose the perfect pillow for your client that will aid their treatment and improve their sleep.

The thickness.

Depending on the purpose, different body cushions have different thicknesses. This is because the thickness targets certain specific issues, such as back pain, neck pain or posture. Furthermore, another factor you need to consider here is the sleeping position; whatever position the patient adopts, the pillow needs to provide the perfect support for their body so that they experience a night of satisfying, healthy sleep.

The filling.

Body cushions come with different types of filling depending on their purpose. The filling directly affects how firm the pillow is and, consequently, the quality of your sleep. Firm body cushions may be used to ground the patient and keep them stable while a softer cushion could be used to promote movement and comfort. The options may include but are not limited to wool, cotton and latex.

The cost.

If you are considering buying a body cushion for your business, you may need to consider the cost. Pillows are recommended to be replaced every 18 months, so you must ensure you don't invest in a body cushion that breaks the bank. You'll need a new one every few years, so be sure to keep the cost into consideration when you're browsing.

The client's condition.

Your choice of body cushions also depends on the treatments you offer or the clients' complaints. Depending on the exact requirements of your client, you may need to invest in a specific type of body cushion - just make sure you confirm with the client before investing!

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