Why do physical therapists need a treatment table?

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You need more than a skillet and qualifications to open your own physiotherapy clinic. One of the most important parts of owning a physical therapy clinic is having the right equipment. There is a ton of equipment you'll need: equipment for treatments, administrative equipment, and additional furniture are only a few examples. Although all these elements are essential for a physical therapy business, perhaps the most crucial one is the treatment equipment, with one of the critical pieces being treatment tables. 

Like all equipment, treatment tables come in all shapes and sizes, but they exceed other types of tables and beds in terms of versatility and usage. Each treatment table is built to cater to specific treatments, conditions and needs of the patient. They increase the client's comfort, ease their pain, and make it easier to perform rehabilitation therapies. The following guide details some types of treatment tables and why physical therapists may need each one.

Manual tables for ease of use.

Manual tables are perhaps the most common option, primarily because of their ease of usage. You can manually adjust the height of this table and make it easier for yourself or other professionals to continue their treatments. These tables can double as massage tables, so you get more bang for your buck. You can move them from place to place, but because of their weight and rigid build, they are more stable and suitable for a fixed area.

Power adjustable exam tables for struggling patients.

Physical therapists also need tables that are accessible for any kind of client. Because you'll have to deal with patients suffering from medical conditions, you'll need a table that makes the transition from wheelchairs or crutches to the flat surface easier. Power adjustable exam tables are perfect for that. The tables are built with a power pedal to allow for easy adjustments throughout the treatment, making the task easier for the physical therapist.

Static treatment tables for stability.

Stability is one of the most important factors to consider when considering a treatment table. While most tables are fairly sturdy, there is no better option than static treatment tables. You can use these tables for any treatment offered at the physiotherapy clinic. The benefit is that no matter the therapy employed or the client's condition, the table will remain stable throughout the process. This is particularly important when working on the physical rehabilitation of an injured patient

Portable treatment tables for easy assembly.

Not all patients can travel to the clinic and get their treatment done. When patients are not recommended to travel, the physiotherapist's responsibility is to provide additional services. Not all physiotherapy clinics provide at-home treatments, but if your services fit the description, portable treatment tables will be an excellent addition to your assets. These treatment tables are becoming increasingly popular due to their easy assembly and portability. You can easily move them to the rehabilitation gym or the patient's home to provide the prescribed treatments.

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