Why you need an esthetician table

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Spas have one central purpose; to maximize the client's comfort. There is no doubt that the only reason people visit spas is to step back and relax while somebody pampers them and takes care of them. With that goal in mind, spa owners are always looking for new products and services they can incorporate into their packages to ensure their clients are as comfortable as possible. A comfortable client is a happy, returning client, and that means more business.

Esthetician tables are essentially massage beds where the client lays to get pampered. While you can use any regular padded table, the esthetician table comes with several additional advantages that allow this particular table to be more suitable for the clients and helpful for the business.

To maximize customer satisfaction.

One of the main advantages of getting an esthetician table for your spa is to maximize customer satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, customer comfort and satisfaction are top priorities for physiotherapists and massage owners. An esthetician table is padded, soft yet firm at the same time, so it provides the ideal surface for massages. The texture isn't too rough and doesn't chafe on the skin so the customer can rest and relax.

For health purposes.

Besides comfort, there is a more important reason you need an esthetician table. Regular tables are pretty rigid, stiff and often detrimental to your health if you lay on them too long. This is because they are not built with clients in mind. An esthetician table, in contrast, is catered to physical therapy use and massage treatments, so these are more beneficial for the client's health. They are easily adjustable, so you can change the height and angles for each client - this ensures that no client is tense or wound up while getting their treatment, and their body will be able to regulate itself and minimize stress on the muscles and back.

To increase convenience for you.

Esthetician tables come in all shapes and sizes. Some have additional features, and one of those is portability. Perhaps you are a masseuse who travels a lot and prefers to operate a travelling massage therapy business rather than stick to one place. In that case, you'll need a surface to tend to your clients at all times, and a portable esthetician table is perfect for that. Specific tables will fold up fairly quickly, and their carry case is convenient to carry so you can keep your business flourishing on the go!

To improve your skills.

 Most esthetician tables are adjustable. This not only provides the clients with a pain-free experience, but it has the potential to do the same for the therapist as well. With the adjustments, you can ensure that the table is at a height that is ideal for you to perform your task. This allows you to deliver the best possible treatments for your clients and continue improving as you experiment with the optimal settings for your treatments; you can rest assured the clients will be coming back for more!

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