Treatment Equipment - Essential Peel Dual-Voltage (USA)

Essential Peel Dual-Voltage (USA)

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    Essential Peel is a highly effective and affordable microdermabrasion device for beauty professionals who want to optimize their cost / benefit ratio by minimizing their costs.

    This deep-tissue exfoliation device works from the Turbo Flow Projection System, a unique and exclusive Silhouet-Tone system, allows you to project a powerful jet of high-purity corundum crystals while simultaneously exerting a powerful suction to eliminate almost all residues.



    A resurfacing, effective and non-invasive treatment
    to offer in your day spa.


    Key features of the Essential Peel

    • Turbo Flow System.
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Treatment selection.
    • Screen feature’s adjustments.
    • Training videos.
    • Uses pharmaceutical grade corundum crystals, with highpurity (99.24%) and uniform granulometry (120?).
    • Disposable crystal canister that is easy to replace (400 g).
    • Soundproof casing.
    • Crystal Free System can be adapted to the device to optimize and expand treatment options.

    Requires # 416681 Diamond Tips set not included


    Main advantages

    • Size of the device.
    • Ergonomic hand pieces, easy to manipulate.
    • Accessory holders on each size of the device.
    • Canister is sealed until installed, no contact with air, reduces moisture and prevents blockages, no mess, no waste.
    • 900 g container as well as the waste receptacle can be fitted to the system.
    • Training video included into the digital tablet.
    • Wi-Fi connection and programs’ update available.
    • Designed and manufactured in North America with a high quality after-sale service.


    Crystal microdermabrasion technology

    Turbo Flow Projection


    The Turbo Flow system projects crystals evenly and securely in a vortex-shaped circular motion, all at a constant velocity, both linearly and in a straight line, causing no discomfort or irritation skin.

    • The most comfortable treatment on the market.
    • Instant results with the Turbo Flow system.
    • Total control of abrasion depth thanks to the patented rotary system.


    Outstanding results and immediate effectiveness 

    Pore firming (nasolabial fold) after six (6) treatments at a frequency of once (1) a week.


    Forehead treatment after six (6) treatments at a frequency of once (1) a week.



    Microdermabrasion training

    Our training will allow you to discover in depth an aesthetic care essential to your institute.

    Here is our lesson plan:

    1-Advantages and benefits of the microdermabrasion device.
    2-Benefits of corundum crystals.
    4-Technique and method of work.
    5-Treatment protocols in institute.
    6-Sales and Marketing Introduction.
    7-Establish a treatment schedule with clients.

    * Prerequisite: Diploma in aesthetics.
    * Duration: a full day.


    Why is the Essential Peel essential to your day spa?

    Skin care professional benefits 

    • Affordable device.
    • Good return on investment.
    • Safe.
    • Easy to use.

    Client benefits

    • Instant and visible results.
    • Minimal downtime.
    • Painless.


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