3 Kinds of Products Sunlight Spa Supply Offers to Grow Your Spa


Are you interested in opening a salon or spa? Sunlight Spa Supply is the place for you. We offer industry-leading products, including massage tables, spa beds, and various other spa products.

Here are some ways by which you can pamper your guests with products from Sunlight Spa and Supply:

1) Facial Beds

No matter if it's a spa, salon, tattoo parlor, or private medical practice, facial beds from Sunlight Spa and Supply are an integral part of the practice. In fact, having a facial bed offers great comfort and stability and often attracts customers.

Spa beds are the center of any spa treatment room. Sunlight Spa and Supply has quite a few different options for facial beds for its clients.

  • Electric treatment bed
  • Electric facial bed
  • Adjustable facial chair
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Massage Table
  • Motor Electric Treatment Chair Bed
  • Electric spa table
  • Waxing Beds

Facial beds are packed with features that provide comfort and support to the body. It has various features, including an adjustable headrest, backrest, and leg rest. Depending on the model, you can easily convert it from a facial chair to a treatment bed.

Sunlight Spa and Supply offer spa professionals a vast range of facial beds from major brands, including Equipro, Silver Fox, and Dream In Reality.

2) Med Spa Chairs

Although expensive, med spa chairs add a certain sophistication and value to your business owing to their versatility. Though they are commonly used in medical spas and physiotherapy clinics, they are also found in beauty salons and spas. This is mainly because of its durability, versatility, and aesthetician/client accessibility.

Med spa chairs are highly versatile, meaning they are ideal for everything from facials, massages, manicures, and other spa services.

The best part about med spa chairs is their adjustability. They come with adjustable headrests, backrests, armrests, and leg rests. Fitted with 4-motors, they come with great stability and are rotatable up to 180 degrees.

3) Massage Tables

Massage tables are the most versatile kind of bed that works for the most professions. You'll often see people starting out in massage or esthetics opt for a portable massage table because they are cheaper than premium electric massage tables. More experienced professionals often will opt for a more premium electric massage table because they offer a more premium experience to clients and are much easier to adjust.

Here at Sunlight Spa Supply, we offer a carefully curated selection of premium electric massage tables that professionals trust to offer the highest quality experience to their clients. For those planning on charging premium prices for their services, we recommend using premium equipment and doing everything you can to maximize client comfort and your space's ambiance.