Best Facial Beds for Microblading

Best Facial Bed for Microblading


Microblading has shaken the beauty industry with its rising demand and 263% year-over-year increase in industry growth. The process is dedicated to giving fuller and well-defined eyebrows to clients. If you are an experienced professional providing Microblading services, finding the perfect facial bed is highly important to ensure the convenience and comfort of the client during long procedures. 

What is Microblading?

According to Mya Care, Microblading is a micropigmentation technique that can increase the fullness of the eyebrows. It is a relatively new technique in the field of permanent cosmetics for eyebrow restoration which has become wildly popular in the beauty industry. 

A typical session can require up to 2 to 3 hours and touch-ups may be required by the client after 20 to 30 days. This requires advanced equipment which maximizes the comfort of the client who is undertaking this procedure. An excellent facial bed can also rejuvenate the client’s interest in having repeated visits due to the high level of comfort provided. 

Best Facial Beds for Microblading

For Microblading, exploring the different ranges of facial beds can be confusing and exhausting at times. Especially, when you are new in the beauty business, making the best choice through research is challenging. Luckily, we’ve made your work easy by shortlisting the best facial beds for microblading based on the features and low to high price range.


List From Entry Level to Expert:


The Mar Egeo Electric Spa Treatment & Medspa Facial Bed is a versatile and cost-effective choice for Microblading. Its modern design, adjustable features, and easy mobility make it a practical choice for microblading professionals. 


  • $999.00

Key features

  • Comes with a heavy-duty metal frame capable of handling over 400 lbs.
  • High-density memory foam and durable faux leather upholstery promise client comfort during extended procedures
  • Offers both electric height and manual backrest adjustment, allowing technicians to customize the bed's position for client comfort and their own convenience. 
  • Removable headrest pillow and a 6” breathing hole which makes it a versatile choice. 

#2 2221D Esthetics Chair

The Silver Fox Electric Esthetician Chair 2221D is the second-best cost-effective solution which offers more advanced features for better Microblading. It can offer both affordability and adaptability during multiple treatments which makes it a wise investment. 


  • $1,611.00

Key features

  • Adjustable flex-style armrests
  • Motor-controlled 3-section top, and an electric footrest for accommodating a range of treatments 
  • A user-friendly design allows a seamless transition from a seated position to a flatbed with a single press
  • Convenient foot pedal controls enable precise height, backrest, and footrest adjustments
  • Facial hole for prone treatments. 
  • Safety features are added which encompass a reset button for easy chair access and a lock button to prevent unintended movement during procedures. 
  • Crafted with easy-to-clean PU leather upholstery

#5 2246B Spa Chair 

A Silver Fox 2246B Electric Spa Chair comes with the utmost comfort and usability for both clients and professionals. The multifunctional design and sleek aesthetics of this spa bed elevate client satisfaction. Also, with 4 motor controls, adjustable seating, and reversible armrests the user-friendly becomes extraordinary for the most rejuvenating experience. At the cost of $2,278, you will be able to build a brand with superior client experience for microblading.


  • $2,278.00


    • 4-motor controls for high flexibility and adjustability 
    • 90° to flat seating and 240° rotation capability of chair
    • Trendelenburg position with rocker switches 
    • Toggle switches on the sides and back for flexible control
  • 240° swivel (+120°~-120°)
    • Adjustable headrest and foot extension for comfort during long sessions of microblading
    • Replaceable headrest after microblading procedure

    #4 2249 Single Panel Bed

    Silver Fox 2249 is an elite piece of equipment that comes with a 4-motor system to make it easy for clients and beauty professionals to make easy movements without compromising the client’s comfort. The adjusted backrest and leg rest make it easier to ensure stability for long sessions. This can be one of the luxury facial beds with advanced features if you have your own beauty facility.  


    • $2,319.00


      • 4-motor systems with flexible adjustments during microblading
      • Leg rest, backrest, and height to be adjusted for seamless comfort
      • Gas lift armrests and ambient lighting
  • Trendelenburg's position
    • Memory form and soft upholstery for maximizing luxury experience
    • Stain-resistant polyurethane material which is easy-to-clean

    #5 Apollo Heated Electric Spa Bed

    This is a multifunctional facial bed with an easy-to-use motor rotating system that allows flexible adjustments during the long procedures of microblading. The angular momentum is guaranteed for smooth client transitions throughout the procedures with a 180° rotation. The highly advanced feature justifies the cost of $2,495 which can be considered as a reasonable long-term investment. 


    • $2,495.00

    Key features

      • Thermos-heated features for unparallel relaxation for comfort during long microblading procedures
      • Weight capacity of 400 lbs 
      • Good quality leather which is easy to clean
  • High-density foam
    • Three programmable reset positions to make smooth adjustments during the procedure
    • Interchangeable dual headrests, and four individual electro-hydraulic motors for flexible up-down, backrest, tilt, and footrest movements which ensures easy adjustments
    • Controls with one press of a button

    #6 Luxi Medspa Treatment Facial Bed

    Investing in the Luxi Medspa Treatment Facial Bed would be an excellent and smart choice at this price for microblading professionals due to its exceptional durability, comfort, and versatile positioning features. Including this facial bed in your facility will ensure a premium experience for both clients and practitioners.


    • $2,799.00

    Key features

      • High-density memory foam along with high-grade faux leather for client comfort during microblading
      • Sturdy steel frame ensures the safety of client of all weights
      • Fully motorized for effortless adjustments 
  • Backrest adjustment range of up to 75°, seat height adjustable from 25 ⅝” to 32 ⅝”, and footrest pitch adjustability up to 20°.
      • Bed can tilt by up to 10° from both directions
      • Manually extendable armrests to ensure better usability and comfort
  • Three programmable preset positions
    • Elegant and versatile design that is suited for microblading professionals

    The facial bed you choose must align with the scope and requirements of your service. Comfort and stability can be the prime features to look for in your microblading services. All the aforementioned facial beds listed are tailored for esthetician comfort and client satisfaction and come in the best possible price range.

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