How to Choose a Facial Bed by Profession – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose a Facial Bed by Profession – A Comprehensive Guide

Having a cozy and relaxing facial bed would never compromise your client’s comfort and relaxation during a facial treatment. Irrespective of the purpose, whether it's a spa, esthetician beauty service, massage parlor, tattoo studio, salon, or private medical practice, a good facial bed becomes a necessity to accommodate all your client’s needs. 

An extensive range of facial beds with diverse features and price options are available in the market. Choosing the best facial bed for your service can be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t have hands-on knowledge of the best equipment needed.  

If you are looking for a complete comprehensive guide for facial bed selection, you’ve landed the right spot. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to know about facial beds so you can feel confident in making the right choice.

Different Types of Facial Beds by Professions

Facial beds that are comfortable and ergonomic can provide a therapeutic experience to your clients. These facial beds can be the first equipment you would want to add to your service facility due to their versatility in providing various treatments. The first thing that you need to know is the different types of facial beds available in the market to help you make the best possible choice. 

There are different varieties of facial beds with varied features and functionalities. For instance, some include a face cradle while some offer electric adjustability for precise positioning during treatments. Understanding the different types of facial beds can be very important whether you’re running a small or large business setup. 

Even with exceptional products and service professionals in your facility, without the right facial bed, you may not be able to provide your clients with the best experience. We have shortlisted the various types of facial beds that you can add to your facility.


  • Choosing a portable or stationary bed can also depend on the professional requirements. For providing a service at your facility, a stationary bed might work for you. But for a freelance esthetician or beauty professional who provides service at your doorstep, a portable bed would be the only choice.  Portable facial tables are foldable and easy-to-carry equipment that is designed for professionals who are consistently on the move. It ensures a sturdy and comfortable experience for quality facials to clients anytime and anywhere.

    Contrary to this, stationary facial beds like Silver Fox Adjustable Single Panel Massage Table 2249 have fixed marvels to provide high stability during long treatments. These are more durable and professionally designed to offer a lot of steadiness for clients to feel more relaxed during their facial experience. The table of this type can typically have larger weight capacities, but they ensure the right comfort. You will find stationary facial beds in Med Spas, massage parlors, tattoo studios, salons, or private medical practice due to the benefits associated with high durability


  • Adjustability can be the key to meeting both your and your client's requirements. Imagine making your client switch places in the middle of a rejuvenating experience of facial treatment. With high adjustability features, the height, legs, and other angles can be altered to provide the right treatment with an optimum comfort level. As a service professional, one might also be concerned about the right posture and back pains along the prolonged facial treatments. 

    Facial beds like Silver Fox 2246B Electric Spa Chair, Apollo Heated Electric Spa Facial Bed, Bellucci Electric Spa Facial Bed, and many others with high flexibility can solve your problems. The magic lies in its seating which can lay flat or move up to 90°. The electric spa beds can also include reversible armrests, extendable headrests, removable cushions, and a 240° rotation capability which can ensure high stability and adjustability to allow close esthetician-client positioning. 

    As per the professional requirements, adjustable facial beds are best suited for professionals in massage therapy, chiropractic care, medical aesthetics, physical therapy, beauty therapy, and Spa services, as these services offer precise positioning and versatility for a wide range of treatments.


  • An electric facial bed is a must-have if you have your own salon or medical spa facility. The facial bed uses an electric lift to seamlessly raise or lower the facial bed with maximum flexibility. The effortless adjustments that come with a flexible headrest, backrest, and legrest can build a heavenly experience for clients. Facial beds like Apollo Heated Electric Spa Facial Bed also include removable armrests and thermal heat features to maximize comfort.

    While electric facial beds provide various benefits, the benefits of hydraulic facial beds are no less. The hydraulic facial beds can include features like a foot pedal for leg and height adjustments via hydraulic lift. These beds can rotate up to 360° depending on the model that you acquire. For an esthetician or a beauty spa service, the hydraulic facial bed provides hydraulic lift actuators that can maximize comfort throughout the facial procedure.

    Professions That Require Facial Beds

    No matter which professional you choose, the right facial bed is important to meet your client’s needs. A good facial bed should ensure comfort, durability, adjustability, and great design features for all professionals. The most common professions that require facial beds include the following

    1. MED SPA: According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Med spas primarily specialize in delivering non-invasive aesthetic procedures, including but not limited to treatments like botulinum toxin injections (such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin), injectable dermal fillers, nonsurgical fat reduction, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and tattoo removal. These treatments require sturdy and stable facial beds that are adjustable. 


  • BEAUTY SALON: Beauty salons require a different range of beds due to their versatility in offering several treatments. One example can be electric facial beds which provide enhanced padding, allowing for a comfortable and easily accessible height for clients in the salon. They can also be conveniently adjusted to an ergonomic height for treatments other than facials such as leg waxing, massages, and lash extensions, reducing strain on the esthetician or therapist's back. Hydraulic beds can also be required for height adjustments to maximize comfort for both the client and the beautician. 


  • ESTHETICIAN: The need for facial beds by estheticians can depend on whether they provide a service at the doorstep, or work in a professional facility. Based on this need, a range of portable and stationary facial beds can be available with varied features of adjustments and hydraulic movements. 

  • DERMATOLOGISTS:  Facial beds that put the safety and comfort of patients first are essential needs for medical practitioners like dermatologists. Dermatology and medical aesthetics procedures require electric adjustments, a large weight capacity, and materials that are simple to disinfect. Such needs can be addressed with both Hydraulic and Electric Facial beds. 


  • OTHER PROFESSIONS: Many other professionals can need a facial bed which includes services like tattoo studio, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, etc. It is important to do your homework by researching the clients’ and professional requirements to purchase the right table.  

    Notable Features for Choosing the Best Facial Bed

    With a wide variety of facial beds available, it is challenging to choose the best facial beds for your professional service. You can make the best choice by following simple tips and tricks to choose the right facial beds. Some features that you must consider while selecting a facial bed for your service include

    • Adjustability and Comfort
    • Durability
    • Budget
    • Design Features
    • Functional Features

    Understanding these key features can be a comprehensive guide to selecting the best facial bed. A detailed discussion of each feature can be seen below


    It is important for professionals to make sure that every visitor encounters a luxurious experience in their service facility. Prioritizing comfort is of utmost importance when considering the purchase of a facial bed for your Spa, Salon, or any other facility. 

    Facials can require an extended duration because of prolonged procedures. Residing in the same position can lead to discomfort for both client and practitioner. Selecting the most comfortable facial bed becomes a very important decision in such a situation.

    Facial beds equipped with adjustable backrests and leg rests are most suited to provide comfort and relaxation during treatment sessions. Electric and Hydraulic facial beds prove to be an ideal choice for a Spa, Salon, or medical facility to offer ease of adjustment. Consider memory foam padding and adjustable features for maximum client comfort.


    The facial bed's material needs to be durable and maintenance-friendly to have a long life. The materials should also be hygienic, and appropriate for the particular requirements of your line of work. For instance, in the case of a medical practitioner, ensuring hygiene can be the priority.

    One of the best durable materials is found on the Mar Egeo. This facial bed comes with a simplistic yet elegant and modern design, which is a treat to the eye. In terms of the material, the bed includes faux leather that is oil and water-resistant to maintain its cleanliness. It is easy to sterilize and you do not even need to worry about any stains. Besides, the strong framework ensures the long life of this equipment. 


    The most important step on your facial bed hunt is to balance your budget with the features you need. It will optimize your search for the best value for your investment. To get the highest quality facial bed with varied features, you might need to loosen your purse strings to make a purchase. 

    Facial bed prices can range from $999 to over $3,000 based on the features that are best suited for your profession. The most expensive facial bed is the Luxi Medspa Treatment Facial Bed with a solid steel framed structure, adjustability, and high weight capacity. 


    It is important to choose the facial bed that compliments your interior and design features. Your equipment should be able to speak the language of your brand. Your clients should embrace the soothing vibe of your spa or salon when they enter through your doors. 

    Choosing the right design requires understanding the dimensions of your facility, the color scheme, and the size that can be best suited to the place. A furniture visualizer can be used to understand which style and design is the best fit for your facility. 


    The key functional features that need to be considered can include the material used, weight capability, adjustability, portability, and hydraulic or electric features. You must have a bed that can cater needs of all clients which also includes weight capacity. It is important to ensure that your customers can be securely supported by the bed regardless of their weight. Select a model that may fit the weight requirements of every customer. Mar Egeo is perfect to cater to clients with up to 400 lbs weight. This is best for high versatility from complex medical treatments to simple facial spas.

    Understanding the technical features like Hydraulic or Electric adjustments, and portability are also important based on the professional requirements. If your job requires you to move around a lot, you should think about a facial bed that is easy to store and relocate.

    Doing Your Own Research

    Choosing the right facial bed is important for all professions. There are many factors that can be considered while choosing the facial bed but to make the best-informed decision, professional knowledge and experience can be required. As a practitioner, you might need to test all the facial beds and research them to make the best possible choice.  

    Most importantly, it is vital to do your own research which includes examining customer reviews on the product, features, comfort, and overall quality of the facial bed. Sunlight Spa Supply provides product descriptions while displaying the customer's reviews of the website to make your journey easy.