Spa Equipment You Didn't Know You Needed for your Salon in 2023


A massive amount of work goes into opening a new salon. Apart from the millions of things that need your attention, you must also deal with equipping your salon with quality products. The care you put into buying massage tables, facial equipment, and other supplies practically dictates the success of your business.

And that’s why we prepare a small checklist with the vital equipment you probably didn't know you needed for your salon.

Salon Chair/Massage Tables

The first and foremost requirement of any salon is its chair/massage table. No    matter your services, you’ll likely require a facial bed. And if you offer a waxing  service or lash extension service, you’ll want an adjustable electric facial bed.

Facial Bed 

Your client will probably spend the entirety of the service in the facial bed or chair.  As such, you need to ensure that the chairs are soft, cozy, and comfortable. A comfortable facial bed like an electric facial bed or med spa will ensure that your client is undisturbed even if you adjust in the process of the service.

Massage Table

For massage services, you’ll require a massage table with body cushions.   Massage tables have pretty simple features when compared to facial beds. However, if you own a pretty small space, you’d be better with an electric massage bed that doubles up as an esthetician’s chair.

They have advanced features, including an adjustable backrest, armrest, and footrest. Some also have a rotatable base.

Med Spa Chair

Med Spa Chair should also be on your list, but only if you have a big budget. The best part about the med spa chair is that it doubles as your electric facial bed and an esthetician's chair.

They not only offer comfort but also have pretty sophisticated features when compared to an electric facial bed.

Facial Equipment

Skincare is getting more attention nowadays. As such, facial equipment is essential to your salon if you offer facial services. The right facial machine will help you provide more advanced and complete facial services to your client.

In addition to the essential facial must-haves such as facial steamer and vaporizer, you also need:

  • Hydro dermabrasion
  • Oxygen Infusion
  • Microcurrent Facial
  • LED Facial
  • IPL Photofacial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Cryo Facial
  • RF Lifting

Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization equipment is truly the backbone of every salon.

You can equip your salon with everything, but you are bound to lose clients if you do not have sterilization equipment. There are various chemicals approved for use in a salon. Still, without sterilization equipment, you cannot ensure the total destruction of all microbial life, including viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens.

The most common sterilization equipment is the UV sterilization unit. It is used to disinfect tools and instruments. The powerful UV light emitted by the unit practically destroys all fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

Another piece of equipment worth mentioning here is the towel heater. Load the heater, and in 20 min, you will have a fresh, sterilized towel ready for use.