What Can a Facial Bed be Used For?

What Can a Facial Bed be Used For?

The right facial bed is not just a piece of furniture, but a key to your success as a professional. A facial bed with a multifunctional design and high adaptability would be the most valuable asset for any salon, spa, or clinic. With its high versatility, it can be used as a multipurpose tool to perform multiple procedures. If you are looking for the various uses of a facial bed, you’ve landed the right spot.

Facial Beds for Various Services

Choosing the right facial bed is a critical centerpiece to exhibit high quality and client comfort. This article is a comprehensive guide to explain the facial beds that can be used for various services.  

Medspa Treatment

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, MedSpa has the primary purpose to focus on providing non-surgical aesthetic treatments, encompassing a range of procedures, such as botulinum toxin injections (e.g., Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin), injectable dermal fillers, non-invasive fat reduction, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, laser skin rejuvenation, etc. These procedures necessitate the use of stable and flexible facial beds that can provide ease for not only the client but also the professionals.


Due to the demand for high flexibility and adjustability in these treatments, the most suitable facial beds including electric and hydraulic features are preferred. A premium electric and hydraulic facial bed like the Silver Fox 2246B Electric Spa Chair would be the best choice. With 90° to flat seating and 240° rotation capability for smooth adjustments, the facial bed can ensure high support during prolonged treatments that might otherwise be bad for your posture

Tattoo Removals

Tattoo removal can be a very complex, critical, and long procedure that requires the best equipment at your facility. With a good facial bed, clients can relax during extended tattoo removal sessions, while technicians benefit from their adjustable features for optimal positioning. The ergonomic design of a good-quality facial bed minimizes strain, enabling technicians to maintain focus and accuracy. 

Ink Electric Tattoo & Facial Bed is specifically designed for complex Tattoo removal procedures by keeping comfort and convenience under consideration. The most important feature includes a duo electro-hydraulic motor for height and reclining backrest adjustment. Both hand remote and foot remote are included to facilitate the service professional to make easy adjustability to keep treatments safe


Chiropractors examine and treat problems linked with bones, muscles, and joints by examination with their hands. When your client reaches your therapy clinic, they expect you to help them with their back and neck pain, headache, injuries, and other issues related to joint stiffness. A highly stable bed can be required for this treatment to make the procedure safe.

Silver Fox Chiropractic Drop Table 2241C starts at an amazing price of $1701 only to provide the optimum quality with the utmost comfort and luxury experience.   


In the case of massage services, the requirement for facial beds among therapists can vary depending on whether they offer door-step service or own a facility. This distinction in need can lead to the availability of a selection of portable or stable facial beds, which may also be equipped with diverse adjustment features and hydraulic mechanisms.

In the case of a freelance massage therapist, the portability of a facial bed is very important to move the bed easily. Furthermore, it's important to note that a professional owning a spa or wellness center, may also require stable facial beds to cater to their client's comfort and convenience during treatments. 

Silver Fox Adjustable Single Panel Massage Table 2249
is loved by many valued customers due to its memory form, leg rest, headrest, and backrest that fosters comfort during massage procedures. Professionals find it suitable due to its ability to make motor adjustments without any hassle.  


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a dermatologist diagnoses and treats diseases relating to the skin, hair, and nails, and the demand for this service is rising gradually. With this rising demand, there is a shortage of qualified professionals which is why it can be beneficial to choose dermatology as a profession. However, the perks of being a dermatologist come with the heavy responsibility of keeping clients safe and comfortable during the treatments and diagnoses.  

These dermatologists might also require a facial bed with electric adjustments for easy movements during examination and treatments. Besides, the facial bed should also come with a bed feature that has a strong foundation to carry large weight. To retain the safety of the client, a bed that is easy to clean and sterilize after the procedure should also be the priority. 

All the aforementioned needs of a dermatologist can be addressed with both Hydraulic and Electric Facial beds offered by Sunlight Spa Supply.   


Beauty salons demand a diverse array of facial beds to accommodate their various range of treatments. Most women walk through the doors of beauty salons to experience both relaxation and quality treatments. This requires a sturdy and comfortable bed that can fill the client’s need to ensure they’re having a good time in the salon. 

Electric and Hydraulic facial beds stand out the most in this situation. These facial beds offer improved flexibility to make easy adjustments to an optimal height for salon clients. Due to its feature of adapting to ergonomic heights for services, it can offer treatments beyond facials, such as leg waxing, threading, lash extensions, etc. Having a facial bed that offers adjustment features can make the salon processes very easy for the esthetician or beauty professionals 

For an even better experience, an Appollo Heated Electric Spa Bed can be included in your workplace which can be worth investing in. The premium experience that is expected by the client can be offered by adding this facial bed that includes a heating feature during the facial to add a warm embrace to the service offering. 

Some of the salon treatments might not require a very expensive bed. For example, a simple arm waxing procedure or threading as a short process might require Mar Egeo Electric Spa Treatment & Medspa Facial Bed. This facial bed could be a better choice to provide both quality and affordability.

If you are looking for any facial bed or table for your service, visit Sunlight Spa Supply to view their amazing collection.