Best Entry Level Facial Beds

Best Entry Level Facial Beds

Unlocking success as a beginner in the competitive beauty industry can be more challenging than you think. Other than your professional expertise, you need the right equipment to start with. The research about many types of facial beds might exhaust and confuse you. To save you from this hassle, this article will provide you with a list of facial beds that you can start with to embark on success in the journey as an esthetician. 

Important Features of an Entry-Level Facial Bed 

The entry-level facial beds will offer an appealing blend of affordability with quality to ensure comfort for your new clients. The important features to consider while choosing the right bed for your service are the following


Your client's comfort is the most important feature that you might need to consider. Look for a bed with soft, supportive padding made from materials like memory foam which can help to ensure that your client is having a good time. It should make clients feel relaxed and pampered during their treatments.


As an entry-level facial expert, cost-effectiveness is vital as you might not have a significant investment. This means you need to find a bed that provides the essential features without breaking the bank. Making a smart investment as you start your journey in the beauty and wellness industry will help to lower your risks

An average entry-level facial bed might cost as low as $200 but that might come at the cost of losing your client. A mid-ranged facial bed with a cost of up to $1,000 can be a more worthy choice if you want to ensure good client retention.


As a spa professional offering esthetic services, you'll encounter a wide variety of facial beds, ranging from manual to electric, to cater to all your varied requirements. Ensuring your spa services offer both sturdy stability and exceptional comfort is highly important whether you choose any of these types of beds. Using electric or hydraulic facial beds can be expensive but will promise a high return on investment in the long run.


For estheticians who work as independent service providers, portability can also be a crucial component in increasing convenience. This is due to the ability to shift beds from one place to another without any hassle. 

In any beauty salon, the ability to move beds around the workspace with ease is also an important factor that cannot be overlooked. In addition to portability, you also want to make sure that your facial bed's unstable structure doesn't negatively impact the client's comfort.

List of Entry-level Facial Beds to Consider

From pricing to features, the below-listed facial beds would do magic for your service set-up. The list of facial beds offered by Sunlight Spa Supply has been designed for your convenience to ensure long-term benefits and service success. 


Mar Egeo Electric Spa Treatment & Medspa Facial Bed would prove to be the most versatile and cost-effective choice you would make for your service as a beginner. The sleek design and list of valuable features come with a price of $999. It is not only suitable for mobility purposes but also includes adjustable features to make all treatments easier. 

To add further benefits, the facial bed is constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame capable of handling over 400 lbs to make it suitable for all clients. Besides, the 6” breathing hole can help to cater to multiple services by ensuring high comfort. From manual to electric adjustments, this facial bed can be the best you can achieve at this price. 


The Silver Fox 2274 Electric Massage Table is a testament to the fact that an entry-level facial bed with low price doesn't have to compromise on functionality. It combines affordability and utility, making it an excellent choice for beginners. The facial bed comes at a low price of $1,079 to cover all your major needs during facials, massage treatments, or the rest of the procedures. 

The bed contains 4 sections of upholstery for optimal postures along with 3 motor controls to provide comfort to both clients and professionals. The motor controls assist in up-down, backrest and leg rest adjustability. Other added features like hand-free operation, X type lift that goes down to 19", and Removable armrests at this price would be a jaw dropper for you.


Bellucci Electric Spa Facial Bed is an extremely versatile addition to professional settings. With a robust steel frame and sturdy design supporting up to 400 lbs, the bed proves to be both durable and safe. The amazing electro-hydraulic motor adjustments make the procedures extremely easy. The adjustments and quiet and precise which also provides high support for the backrest, leg-rest, and height, ensuring client comfort and professional convenience

It also holds some premium features like high-grade faux leather upholstery, paired with high-density foam which provides both comfort and durability. The headrest offers a breathing hole option, and the bed features reversible and removable armrests and headrests. This amazing product is running at a discount of 25% dropping its price to over $1,499 from $1,999. Grab the offer till it stays live at Sunlight Spa Supply.

#4 Ink Electric Tattoo & Facial Bed

Running at an amazing discount of 12%, Ink Electric Tattoo & Facial Bed is now available at a price of $1,499 with varied features that can cater all your needs. The facial bed seamlessly combines the features of a spa facial chair, an electric tattoo chair. It is also capable of providing medical treatment support which makes this bed a top-tier choice for various professions from salons to medical clinics. 

The most valued features include its high-density memory foam and high-grade faux leather which ensure both comfort and durability. This table would go a long way with your journey with its steel frame structure which ensures firm support for years. With a duo electro-hydraulic motor, it offers easy height and reclining backrest adjustments.

All these facial beds are designed to ensure you get the most out of less price. For more quality options, visit Sunlight Spa Supply to explore an unending range of facial beds for all service types.