How to Choose the Best Facial Bed


The facial bed is the most crucial piece of equipment for an aesthetician. And as such, it should be able to fit all your needs. The right facial bed not only makes your job easier but also attracts clients.

But how do you choose a facial bed? Finding the best facial bed is not easy. There are a lot of factors that come into the picture, including:

  • Height, width, and length
  • Fabric styles and quality
  • Foam thickness
  • Adjustable features
  • Weight of the facial bed
  • Weight capacity
  • Cost
  • Durability

Consider the Width, Length, and Height

Width, height, and length play a crucial role in choosing a facial bed. It is imperative that no matter the size and shape of your client, the bed should be comfortable for the duration of the service.

In addition to your clients, as an aesthetician, your height also plays an important factor. If you are on the shorter side, go for narrow tables around 28 inches. Taller aestheticians can opt for a wider facial bed, say 30 and 32 inches wide. You should be able to reach your client without any issues. Wider beds are also more comfortable than its counterpart.

Another point of consideration is the length. Since you cannot dictate the height of the clients, the best you can do is ensure their comfort. Generally, facial beds are 73 inches long and should suit most clients. However, you can opt for a facial ned with an adjustable face cradle; it can give you an added 7-9 inches.

Pro Tip: Opt for hydraulic or electric facial beds. You can adjust the height and angle between sessions to suit every client.

What are the Adjustable Features?

Modern facial beds come with an array of features that allow you to tailor the bed to suit your client’s comfort. The most important of them is the ability to adjust the height. It comes in handy when working with clients with different body sizes and shapes.

Modern facial beds also come with adjustments for the backrest, headrest, and legrest. All it requires is a few knobs and push buttons, and you can adjust the spa bed for your client’s comfort.

Examine the Different Fabric Styles and Quality

Traditionally, leather is considered to be the material of choice for facial beds since they are durable and easy to clean. Hence, most massage tables and spa beds use some kind of leather, natural or synthetic.

PVC leather and PU leather are the most common material used in facial beds. However, PVC, though durable, doesn’t feel as smooth and will not be comfortable for the client. On the other hand, PU leather has a luxurious feel, soft to the touch, and is very similar to natural leather. The best part is that it is even more durable and just as easy to clean.

How Heavy is the Facial Bed?

The weight of the facial bed is not a factor unless you are a mobile aesthetician. But, then, you’d want a portable spa bed that you can carry easily between jobs.

Ideally, you should be able to unload and load them single-handedly. And as such, a facial bed weighing between 22 and 46 lbs would be perfect for a mobile aesthetician. Remember, though you’ll want the lightest spa beds, it should also include all the essential features.

How Much Weight will the Bed Hold?

Another critical consideration for all facial beds is the weight capacity or working weight. It is the amount of weight your facial bed is designed to carry in addition to the added pressure when you are working on your client.
Fortunately, this shouldn't be a problem since most facial beds are equipped to handle 600 lbs. However, it is always important to keep this in mind depending on the client and the service you are offering.

Is it Expensive?

Last but not least comes the price. Ideally, you’ll want a table that fits your budget yet suits your needs. Facial beds are expensive, starting at $550. The lower-end facial beds do not have as many features.

Equipro Massage Facial Bed is the cheapest facial bed you can find at Sunlight Spa Supply. Weighing 111 lbs, the bed offers excellent stability. It also comes with an adjustable headrest.

Keep in mind, never compromise on the safety and comfort of the clients to save a few dollars. This may end up expensive in the long run.