Should you get foot pedals for your facial bed?

Should you get foot pedals for your facial bed?

Whether you're an esthetician, a massage therapist, or a beauty professional, the versatility of your facial bed can greatly impact the quality of services you offer. As a professional, one is always looking to add a facial bed to the facility that is all-in-one. This includes looking for features like motorized controls, hydraulic adjustments, comfortable memory foam, weight capability, and whatnot. But the most under-looked feature is whether the facial bed holds foot pedals or not

A foot pedal allows you to control adjustments with your foot. This process helps to free your hands to focus on the treatment being performed. It can enhance the experience by providing the utmost comfort during long procedures with simple foot adjustments by the professional. There is a need to make professionals aware of the importance of the inclusion of foot pedals. Let’s dive into exploring the significance of this feature that is often not taken seriously.

Facial Beds with Foot Pedals

A facial bed is capable of accommodating wider needs like providing massages, chiropractic therapies, beauty and wellness treatments, etc. For all these various procedures, there are multiple features considered in a facial bed including the adjustability that allows clients to recline, sit up, or lay flat, depending on the treatment. One similar feature that is critical for the client’s comfort is the inclusion of foot pedals to control all the adjustments without any disturbance or chaos

This can be considered one of the most valuable additions to facial beds as they provide alternate methods to control movements with maximum ease. As a professional, you would not need to worry about making adjustments without needing to reach any manual control. Thus, the efficiency of the procedure will also be improved if your focus is completely on the treatment. 

Added Benefits of Foot Pedals

Among the various benefits of adding foot pedals to your facial bed, the following are some reasons that should persuade you to consider having this feature.


As a professional with long exhausting hours of work, including equipment that would make your work easy is very important. Luckily, foot pedals addition to the facial beds have made the lives of professionals very easy. With the motorized and hydraulic adjustments, ease of access to buttons can be challenging

Your hands might also be occupied with equipment that would make manual adjustments more challenging than you think. Therefore, having the adjustment magical by using your foot controls would prove to be the best feature for you. 


With minimum hassle, you will be able to make smooth adjustments on the facial bed. This can be the up-down, leg-rest, or head-rest movements based on the desired position you need for the procedure to go right. No need to extend your arms and put yourself in trouble to reach the switches. With foot pedals, the work will be done with one small push from your toes. 


One key significance of this feature is that the addition of a foot pedal will reduce the risk of strain on the professional’s back during uncomfortable and long working hours. Foot pedals would make your work extremely easy and hassle-free to keep you away from any exhaustion. That’s why purchasing a facial bed with foot pedals is a must-have for your spa, beauty clinic, or any other facility. 

Choosing the Facial Bed with Foot Pedals

Facial beds with foot pedals can be most desired by professionals who have a larger flow of clients. This would require frequent treatments that can make you rethink the choices about manual adjustments. Using manual adjustments for long working hours can not only risk the efficiency of your treatment but can also be bad for your posture. Adding foot pedals would save you from all these challenges you might face in daily procedures. 

Including foot pedals in your facial beds also comes at a cost. Silver Fox Electric Med Spa Chair with Foot Pedals 2246EBM is the best facial bed with foot pedals which is now available at an amazing discount of 15% reducing its price to $2,629 from $3,090. The bed contains multiple foot pedals for adjusting various dimensions which makes it very easy for professionals to make adjustments. 

It is highly recommended to use the facial bed with foot pedals if you are an experienced professional having high client flow. It is a worthy investment, especially at a discounted price offered by Sunlight Spa Supply