10 Reasons Why it's Worth Upgrading to an Electric Massage Table

You may have the best estheticians in town, but without good-quality massage tables or spa beds, you’ll find it difficult to attract clients. There are many good options when it comes to massage tables.

From a basic treatment table to hydraulic facial beds and med spa chairs, Sunlight Spa Supply has a multitude of options. But nothing beats the comfort of an electric massage table.

What's an electric massage table?

An electric massage table is very similar to a regular spa bed. But it is fitted with a foot pedal with which the aesthetician can adjust the table’s height per their need.

Still, wondering if you need an electric massage table? Here are 10 reasons why you should buy one for your spa:


1) You and Your Employees' Comfort

Electric massage tables cater to not only the customers but also the staff. If your aesthetician isn’t comfortable, they will be unable to deliver high-quality service.

While the client’s needs come first, it should not be at the expense of the aesthetician. Electric massage tables make the job easier and much more comfortable.

You need not spend hours bent over the table. But instead, lower or increase the height depending on your comfort, allowing you to offer high-quality treatment while remaining pain-free. Of course, some fields are more physically demanding than others, so the decision is largely specialty specific.

A happy employee also contributes to your salon’s success. Electric massage tables make it easier for the therapist to perform the treatments and apply optimal pressure without much strain. It also ensures that the customers are comfortable throughout the entire process.

2) Client Comfort

Your client’s spa experience starts from the moment they walk in through the door. Every comfort from then on just adds to their experience.

With an electric massage table, your clients face the ultimate comfort while receiving treatment. Electric massage tables can be adjusted to fit the bodies of every client, allowing them to lay back and relax.

You can also adjust the table to cater to the best angle for the type of massage you're performing. For example, you can raise the back of table when performing a foot massage if the client would like to be more aware of what's going on.This leads to big difference in over quality and comfort for the client.

3) Improved Technique

In addition to the comfort of the clients, electric massage tables also help provide the best massages.

Did you know that electric massage tables can help improve your massage technique? Massage therapists can adjust the height and angles to help apply pressure wherever needed.

Massages like Thai massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu massage, and acupressure therapies are significantly improved when done on an electric massage table. This is because the massage therapist can better leverage their strength for an optimal massage.

Also, electric massage tables can be adjusted immediately with the client on the table. You don't have to disrupt the massage by asking your client to sit up while you make the adjustments. This also contributes to your client's relaxation and allows you to offer a more effective massage because you will not need to avoid making positional adjustments because you want to avoid disrupting your client.

massage on electric massage table using massage gun

4) Client’s Health

Going beyond just comfort, electric massage tables can improve the blood circulation and joint health of the person being treated when adjusted to the proper angle for each client. They can also help alleviate swellings and muscle strain, rejuvenating the body.

The best part about electric massage tables is that they can be adjusted as needed and help offer your clients the safest and most beneficial treatment.

Standard massage beds have preset settings that you cannot deviate from. But with electric massage beds, you can adjust the height and the angles to ensure perfect placement.

5) Lifetime Cost

There are quite a few options, from hydraulic massage tables, med spa chairs, multipurpose facial beds, and, last but not least, electric massage tables. Whether you like it or not, cost plays a significant part when choosing a massage table.

While it can be tempting to choose the least expensive option, they may not be as cost-effective in the long run. Purchasing an electric massage table can be cheaper over time because they last forever and never need to be upgraded to a better table.

Because people frequently upgrade from a portable to an electric massage table, they fetch higher resale value since the demand for used premium massage tables is usually much higher than the supply (they're usually the last table a massage therapist will need to ever buy– no need to upgrade if you already have the best!). 

masseuse massaging a client

6) Greater (And Less Disruptive) Adjustability

Electric massage beds are also known for their adjustability. They are generally more stable and easier to adjust than their hydraulic counterparts. In addition, they can be adjusted via knobs, push buttons, and, even better, remotes.

For example, the height of the table can be adjusted to the comfort of the massage therapist. Apart from that, depending on the model, you may also be able to adjust the headrest, backrest, and leg rest to accommodate the client.

This makes it easier for aestheticians to make the necessary adjustments without disturbing the client. They are also more stable and comfortable than the other massage beds.

Portable massage tables take several minutes if you wish to make an adjustment because you have to unscrew the legs and expand them or unscrew the back to increase the angle (although most portable massage tables are only height adjustable).

Traditional portable massage tables are stationary and fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, most modern portable tables can be adjusted with manual intervention. On the other hand, electric massage tables use a foot pedal for height changes.

The ease of use also translates to the price, though. Electric massage beds are typically 2-4 times the cost of portable massage massage tables. Nevertheless, they are worth the expense. They're built to last so you can continue to reap its benefits for years to come.

7) Significantly Better Stability

Generally speaking, electric massage tables are heavy and are designed to be fixed. And as such, its extraordinary stability is one of the critical characteristics of electric massage tables.

This feature is beneficial, especially for clients new to massage therapies. They can feel restless and uncomfortable at the traditional wooden massage table. An electric massage table, on the other hand, can prove to be stable. They are held by thick metal platforms, which form the focal point of the bed. The bed stays stable true to its name, even when the massage therapist applies pressure during the massage. You won't have to worry about your massage table when applying high amounts of pressure.

Compared to a portable massage table, electric massage tables provide a much more luxurious experience that is more likely to turn a one-time client into a regular.

8) Improved Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction depends not only on the service but also on the comfort and decor. And electric massage tables offer the ultimate luxurious experience for your customers.

The beds are ergonomically designed to complement the contours of the body and provide a better massage experience.

With their stability along with adjustable controls, the massage therapist can ensure the ultimate comfort of every client.

9) Increasing Your Prices

Getting a massage is a premium experience and customers expect to get value for what they pay for. If a massage therapist or esthetician is to charge more for their services than their competitors, they should try and perfect every part of the experience for their clients so the greater cost is justified. 

Imagine massage business charging 50% more than another location down the street but not offering anything anything extra to justify the higher cost. Even if the massage therapists are much more experienced, clients may not know the difference enough to justify the cost in their mind.

You could show them that your location is worth the cost much more clearly by fine tuning every part of the experience, starting with an electric massage table that's designed to be more luxurious than a standard portable table.

10) Versatility

With an electric massage table, you can offer a wide range of treatments because of its adjustability. You can add skincare treatments like facials because you can angle and raise the table for the greatest access to the face. 

This also contributes to the resale value because they can be used by a wide range of professionals. Even tattoo artists, estheticians doing waxings, and chiropractors can use an electric massage table.


In conclusion, investing in an electric massage table for your salon or spa is not just a choice but a strategic move towards enhancing both client satisfaction and business success. Its multitude of benefits like ergonomic comfort, improved technique, increased stability, and greater adjustability cater to the needs of both the client and the therapist. By allowing you to offer a luxurious and versatile range of services, it also paves the way for a potential increase in your prices, justifying the upfront cost of the investment. The unmatched durability ensures that it's not only a purchase for the present but a long-term investment for the future of your business. Simply put, an electric massage table is an essential asset that amplifies the professional image of your establishment and promises an unparalleled experience for your clients, thus setting you apart in the competitive wellness industry.