Tips to Choose a Med Spa Bed


Med spa beds or chairs are used by salons that offer non-invasive facial treatments as a part of their services. They are specially designed for ultimate comfort and stability and are also packed with premium features.

To get the best out of your medical spa bed, it should be made with long-lasting, high-quality, and durable materials.

Other characteristics to look for are adjustable armrests, backrest, and legrest. This makes it easier for you as an aesthetician to examine and treat the patient.

With so many features available, choosing the right med spa chair for your salon may be daunting. As such, we have compiled a list of essential points you need to look for when buying a med spa bed.

Scope of service

What are you going to use your medical spa bed for? A good quality med spa can take on a variety of different tasks, from skincare to medical treatments. They can also double up as an esthetician table, eyelash extensions bed, or even a tattoo bed. Of course, it all depends on the features, i.e., the hydraulic/electric motors and adjustable seating.

So if your spa provides a wide range of services, you will surely benefit from a fully fitted med spa chair.


One of the most important features of a med spa chair is its adjustability. Ideally, the bed should conform to the body shape of the client.

Other features you can expect are a rotating base, reclining backrest, and adjustable arm and leg rest. These features help provide a completely soothing and relaxing spa experience for your client.

Some top-of-the-line beds come with built-in radiant heating and preset positions that help relieve tiredness due to long sessions. Many top estheticians incorporate a heating element into their chair or bed because of the luxurious touch it adds. You can achieve this by buying a chair with built in heating or by attaching a heated blanket to the chair.


Even if your chair is packed with a multitude of different features, they won’t matter matter unless the med spa bed is comfortable. As such, materials play a crucial part when selecting the bed.

Not only should the bed be comfortable, but also durable and easy to clean.

Most high-quality beds have a thick vinyl upholstery; you can protect this further with a clear plastic cover.

Also ensure that the color of your bed matches your salon’s aesthetic. Most tables can be made with custom colors upon request.


First and foremost, your med spa bed should be long-lasting. They should have the grit and strength yet to last many years, especially if you’re performing back-to-back sessions on long days.

In short, they should be able to keep up with non-stop appointments. But, of course, the same goes for the upholstery too.

As such, you might consider going for a higher end bed if you’ll be using it many times a day for years. The cost of the table averaged over all the sessions can get to be very low, whereas if you purchase a cheap table, you may face a higher cost-per-use because of the need for more frequent replacements.


What is the perfect size for a spa bed? While the answer varies, all experts agree that the ideal med spa bed should accommodate the vast majority of your clients. Some tables are wider to accommodate larger clients, but this option usually makes more sense for a large spa with multiple spa beds. You can have most beds be a normal size with one wide bed to accommodate all clients.

Another point to consider is the space you are working in. For example, you do not want to put in a bed too big without leaving room to move around. If you’d like to check how much space a spa bed will take up, check out our furniture visualizer.



Last but not least, look for a bed that has a classic, luxurious look and matches your spa's aesthetic. There are a wide range of facial bed designs, so you should have an easy time finding one to match the aesthetic of your spa.

You may want something modern and sophisticated with a classic and luxurious feel, or you might be looking for something more lowkey. Either way, it’s worth checking many tables to find the perfect one to compliment your spa.