How to Choose the Perfect Waxing Bed

A waxing bed can pay off for up to 20 years. But before making that choice, you have to be cautious. A single factor like foam thickness or surface material can either make or break a client’s experience. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what factors to consider when buying a waxing bed and what might fit in your budget. So without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Waxing Bed

Type & Features

Electric vs Hydraulic

Electric beds come with smoother transitions and tend to have more features, but can be expensive as well. On the other hand, hydraulic beds are less expensive as they don’t require electricity. In comparison to electric ones, hydraulic ones won’t have many features


A bed can only provide comfort when its key parts can be adjusted such as the backrest, headrest, leg rest. Most hydraulic and electric beds are highly adjustable but some estheticians just use portable massage tables, which generally aren't very adjustable.

Additional Features

Some beds come with extra features like thermal heat and removable armrests which might add up to a good experience for any customer. These things are not really needed, but it's all about being professional. 

Cost & Value

Initial Cost

In general, electric beds are more expensive but have a greater range of comforts and features. So, plan your budget accordingly. 

Resale Value

In general, electric beds will have higher resale value because they last longer and have less people reselling them. Manual waxing beds and portable massage tables end up on the used market more often because people are often upgrading to a better bed or because the wear and tear on the bed is too much for their practice.



If you intend to keep the bed for more than a few years, it's worth investing in a high-quality electric model. Most lower end massage tables have a thin surface material that damages easily. Just look at used massage table pages and you'll frequently see torn up or scuffed sections of the table.


In the unlikely event that an electric waxing bed has a motor break, they almost all come with a 1-2 year warranty. They are already built with reliability in mind, though, and less than 1% of electric beds need to be fixed within the first 5 years (according to Silver Fox, the world's largest facial bed manufacturer). One thing to keep in mind is that if you live in an area that is prone to power surges, you'll want to consider installing a GFCI outlet so a power surge doesn't fry the electronics.

Comfort & Usability

Client Comfort

Every part should provide enough padding and support to make the client comfortable throughout the session. You can also opt for a heated table or add a heated blanket to add that much more to the experience.

Comfortable for the Esthetician

During long sessions, you could be straining your neck and back to get the right angles. The best way to avoid this is pick something ergonomic and adjustable. That not only keeps your client comfortable but also saves you from hurting yourself over time. 


Some beds can rotate about the base. This can be useful if you have a smaller workspace and have things that could block you from reaching certain areas.

Practical Considerations

Space Requirements

Hydraulic beds are often better for smaller spaces as they can double as chairs and beds.

Power Source

Electric beds require access to an electrical outlet, whereas hydraulic beds do not. Again, that comes at the cost of losing a lot of features. 


Consider how easy it would be to clean the bed. Most surface materials are fairly easy to clean but do consider if you will want to cover the table with a sheet or paper. Obviously a rectangular surface will be better for this and you can get a rectangular surfaced table that is still highly adjustable. You can also get a clear plastic cover for many facial style tables.


How easy is it for clients to get on and off the bed? Electric beds often have a wider height adjustability range and can have the back angled so the clients can exit the bed more easily. This is a smaller thing but it definitely contributes to a more premium experience.

Quality & Aesthetics

Material Quality

The material should feel comfortable but also be durable so that your bed can withstand regular use and cleaning for years. Again, lower-end massage tables use less durable materials that are prone to peeling or even being damaged by finger nails.

Noise Level

Electric beds don’t make as much noise as hydraulic ones, which may enhance the overall client experience. These are minor things on their own but when all combined can make a big difference in the client's experience.


The bed should fit in with the overall aesthetic of your spa or salon. Having a cohesive color palette for your salon can make a big difference. 

Versatility in Services Offered

The more features you have, the better it is for your salon, spa, or medical office. This can give you freedom to offer more services, which might go from waxing facials to strengthening. 

3 Best Waxing Beds That Might Serve the Purpose

#1 - Silver Fox Adjustable Single Panel 2249 (High-End) 

Do you own a medical office or a high-end spa? In such cases, it's recommended to go for an Elite level waxing bed. It comes with a 4-motor system which makes it easy for customers to get on or off due to height adjustability. Other than this, it also gives good backrest and leg rest.  


  • Adjustability in height, backrest, and leg rest is seamless
  • Thick memory foam and soft upholstery ensure client comfort for long durations
  • Great for a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, and much more
  • Stain-resistant polyurethane makes the bed durable and long-lasting
  • Gaslift armrests and ambient lighting feature makes it an Elite level bed 


  • High initial investment means this may not be a good choice for everyone
  • The extra-wide design may also cause problems for small spaces

#2 - Silver Fox 2274 (Mid-Range)

This waxing bed is for those who started from a hydraulic one and now want to scale their business. In this situation, you can do two things. If you can wait, go for an Elite bed because that one is just a bit expensive but it will serve you for more than a decade. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have a budget, you can go with Silver Fox 2274. It’s budget-friendly and not that bad at the same time. It all depends on your needs.


  • Easy height, backrest, and leg adjustments with 3-motor system
  • Hands-free operations via foot controller
  • Meets ADA standards with X-type lift mechanism that lowers to 17 inches
  • Durable caster wheels allow for mobility
  • Removable face cradle and armrest platform are included


  • Lacks advanced features like Trendelenburg’s position or LED lighting
  • Slightly less versatile than 4-motor models

#3 - OmySalon (Budget Friendly)

OmySalon is a budget-friendly waxing bed for those who are in the starting phase of their beauty business. It’s true OmySalon doesn’t come with as many features as a mid range and an Elite one, it can still serve the purpose to some extent. 


  • Heavy duty steel frame with scratch resistant PVC textured leather
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest for client comfort
  • Two storage baskets included for supplies or beauty tools
  • Best suited for a variety of spa related services


  • Might crack if the weight limit exceeds 250 to 300 pounds 
  • Weak area around adjustment settings compromises stability
  • Less robust construction makes it less suitable for heavy or frequent use

Final Advice

No matter what waxing bed you choose, please keep in mind the long-term scenario. If you’re planning to stay in this business for quite some time and want some good returns on your investment, a high-end alternative is recommended. 

Just in case you’re starting and don’t know which direction your business might take, it’s not a bad thing to compromise with a budget-friendly one. If things go your way, you can always upgrade.