How to Create an Inviting Atmosphere in Your Spa


The word Spa is synonymous with a “Zen-like” atmosphere. So naturally, as a salon owner, you’d want to give  your clients a memorable and unforgettable experience. This includes a bunch of services, from facials, massages, pedicures, waxings, and manicures to suit a wide variety of different tastes.

However, the most important is creating an inviting atmosphere in your spa. Considering you are already providing most (or all) of these services, the only thing left is to make your spa open and welcoming enough to bring in new customers.

Consider some of the below ideas to create the best possible atmosphere for your clients.

Reduce Clutter and Create an Organized Space

Nothing is more inviting than a clean and organized space. It helps the clients relax and destress.

To start with, put away unnecessary items until you need them. Anything else that needs to be in plain sight should be in decorative baskets. For example, roll the linens and display them in wicker baskets along with oils, lotions, and other products.  

Choose Calming Colors

Another aspect that helps visually set the mood is the colors. Just like the surrounding, the colors should also be soft and soothing. In that aspect, earthy, neutral colors like tan, blue, greens, white and beige work the best.

Depending on the client base, you can add soft pastel tones. However, avoid bold pops of color at all costs. They do not invoke a calm and peaceful feeling.


Install Ambient Lighting

Harsh bright lighting brightens a place, but it doesn’t work well with the ambiance you are trying to create in your spa. It can strain the eye and is not so relaxing.

Instead, go for warm bulbs with soft lighting for the treatment areas. Not only are they relaxing, but they also bring about a soothing atmosphere without overstimulating the clients.

However, for the changing areas, the lighting should be brighter. Reception areas work best with natural lighting.

Play Gentle, Soothing Music

Music can play a significant role in creating a soothing atmosphere. For example, soft music or instrumentals work well with the ambiance you are trying to develop in your spa. Or you can also use nature sounds or soft, subtle sounds as well.

Avoid loud music and those with driving rhythms. Keep in mind that music should add to the ambiance, not overpower.

Indulge the Senses

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your spa is all about catering to the senses. In addition to the visual and auditory senses, the olfactory senses are also crucial.

How your spa smells is as important as how it looks. Lighting scented candles or incense in your treatment areas to help relax your clients both body and mind. Fresh flowers work well in the reception area.

Take care not to overdo the scents. Overpowering and conflicting odors can cause headaches.

Motivate Your Staff

Though not related to your spa, staff morale plays the ultimate role in creating a positive atmosphere in your spa. Motivate your staff from time to time to keep them happy. Occasional training programs and team-building activities for your estheticians can be helpful for this.

Ensure that you have ideal working conditions with work benefits, a proper esthetician’s chair, and other equipment.

Wrapping Up

By incorporating these tips when designing your spa, your customers feel like they are on a mini vacation away from the stress and hardship of everyday life.

Creating an inviting atmosphere is not a pain. From clearing clutter to painting neutral colors and playing soothing music, there are many ways by which you can create an ambient atmosphere that attracts clients.

And finally, the secret to a booming spa business is the happy staff.