Spa Equipment Required for a Facial Room Setup


Facial services are one of the most popular services offered by beauty salons, so much so that it is one of the core services. More often than not, your facial equipment is an investment that pays for itself and brings you long-term profits. That's why you must furnish your facial room with the highest quality equipment.

Your facial room setup largely depends on your services and the aestheticians. However, the most important of all is the furniture. The facial bed plays a crucial role in keeping your clients comfortable for the duration of their service.

As such, here are some critical facial equipment required for a facial room setup.

Facial Bed

The facial bed/chair is the most crucial equipment in every facial room setup. Your clients are bound to spend most of their appointments in a facial bed if not all.

As an aesthetician, you have to ensure that your client is comfortable—all the more reason to ensure that your facial bed is top-quality and durable too.

Choosing a comfy, warm, and pleasant bed can go a long way toward making your clients happy. The best option for a facial bed is the electric massage bed.

Electric spa beds are fitted with an electric lift that helps seamlessly raise or lower the facial bed without interrupting the client. They also come with an adjustable headrest, backrest, and leg rest.

Aesthetician Chairs

While it's not the first thing that comes to mind in a facial room setup, an aesthetician’s chair is also crucial. Depending on the treatment, you may sit on that chair for hours.

That means you’ll need an aesthetician's chair with good back support, easily adjustable, and overall very comfortable—the last thing you want in an aesthetician with back pain. 

Trolley Cart

Every esthetician has a set time for every facial treatment. To make the best use of the time and to ensure that the facial goes smoothly, you’ll need all your tools and products at arm’s length.

This is where a trolley cart comes into the picture. It is stocked with every equipment, tool, and product that an esthetician would need for the treatment.

Facial Steamer and Facial Vaporizer

The facial steamer is an integral part of every facial room setup. It is used as a part of the cleansing process to open the pores allowing increased blood circulation.

Though similar to a facial steamer, a facial vaporizer combines steam and ozone to revitalize and increase blood circulation across the face and other parts of the body.

The facial vaporizer is famous in beauty salons, particularly spas. They are also used in aromatherapy treatments to help relax and reduce stress.

Microdermabrasion Tools

Medical-grade dermabrasion tools are a must-have for your facial room setup if you offer advanced facial services. Look for microdermabrasion tools that are powerful, durable, and reliable. In addition, these help promote collagen growth, leaving your client feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

Facial Towel Warmer

A facial towel warmer may not be in your vicinity, but trust us when we say it is a must-have in your facial room setup. Hot towels are indispensable when it comes to luxurious facial care. It is these little things that help you stand out and leave a significant impact on your client.

Select one that can hold the towels necessary for a full day of treatments.

Facial Magnifier Lamps

For the esthetician to offer the best treatment, they should be able to see what they are doing. Facial magnifier lamps help the esthetician see clearly, especially in a dim room.

A lamp with adjustable lighting and a clear magnifying view is integral to your facial room setup. Bonus points if your magnifier lamp has wheels from one place to another.