How to Become an Esthetician?

Estheticians are people who work in the skincare industry and offer beauty services. These people are not doctors, so they are unable to evaluate, recommend, or treat health problems. However, they are likely to provide services alongside doctors at some point. Becoming an esthetician can be challenging due to the difficulty in the development of the skillset and high competition. If you are planning on becoming an esthetician, this blog will provide you with all the information you need to know. 

Why Become an Esthetician?

The beauty industry is booming which makes the occupation of esthetician even more attractive. The overall revenue of the beauty industry in the US from 2002 to 2022 is estimated at USD 49 billion. In 2023, the statistics predict that the global beauty and personal care industry will bring in $625.70 billion. From 2023 to 2028, the market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.32 percent. According to projections, the personal care and beauty industry will be worth $274.20 billion in 2023, making it the most lucrative subsegment of this whole business.

Source: Statista

How To Become an Esthetician?

Becoming an esthetician is no small feat. An esthetician needs to go through a lot of steps to become an esthetician which ranges from enrolling in a degree, undertaking certification, getting a license, and finally a job. This career path can be full of challenges due to high competition in the industry. Besides, for beginners, there can also be a lot of confusion on what steps to follow. This guide fully details what to do to become an esthetician. 


  • If you are sticking to your dream of getting into the beauty industry, you need to shortlist a few schools in which you want to get enrolled. There can be many top schools like Paul Mitchell Schools, Empire Beauty School, Pivot Point Academy Beauty School, The Sassoon Academy, etc. which have established their name in the industry.  

    It is very important to search for which courses these schools offer for your esthetician programme so you can find your true passion. Getting into these schools can also be difficult due to many applicants which is why you need to prepare for the entrance exams. If an application needs to be filled out or an interview has to take place, you also need to prepare for that. 


  • After getting enrolled in your favorite program in your desired beauty school, it is time to pay attention to your studies. It will help you to pass your exams with good grades so you can become a certified esthetician. These exams can be technical which is why studying regularly can be very important for you to pass. 


  • Applying for and getting a license to work as an esthetician is also highly important if you want to start your practice. Before you can get a license, you have to show proof that you met all of the requirements related to finishing the programme, completing required practice hours, and passing exams to get certified. After obtaining your license, you can develop your facility or get a job of your dreams. 

    If you do not have much information about getting a license, it is important to know that you can get your state license online or by mail as long as you have proof of the things listed above. Before you apply, make sure you have all the right forms and information.


    It is always recommended to start your career by getting a job. You can always practice with a good mentor so you can develop good skills. This job will develop your experience and allow you to understand how to run a business.

    If you're looking to start on your own, you'll need to read up on the salon industry and get all the equipment on your own. Here's a great list of supplies to get before onboarding your first client!

    Some FAQs


  • Some states need over 1,000 hours of training which is adequate to become a professional. However, other states require over 300 hours of training. This will comprise over 6 to 9 months of duration to complete a programme that can cover all your desired courses. It is also important to note that Estheticians may do chemical peels, laser treatments, and injections with additional hours and training.


  • An esthetician business can have a high potential to generate income. $52,100 per year of income can be generated if an esthetician chooses to be self-employed. On the other hand, a master esthetician salary can be between $17.07 to $52.40 per hour. There are plenty of jobs for esthetician available at this salary if the right skills and expertise are present in the individual seeking a job. 


  • An esthetician or beauty school can cost anywhere from $5,000 to more than $15,000 which can also depend on the degree programme and how long it takes to finish. The cost can also go up to $20,000 for a very specialized programme that lasts more than two years. Covering this cost as a student can be very challenging which is why alternative ways like scholarships, grants, and student loans need to be applied for. 


    A lot of schools provide esthetician scholarships and grants for people who want to become estheticians but can not afford them. This esthetician grant is for people who want to work in the beauty business in the future. Five very good applicants with outstanding essays will each get a $1,000 grant from this programme every year. You can also find many other top scholarships and grants for estheticians.

  • Bottom Line

    The career path of an esthetician is complex and you need to have a plan to start your career. It is important that you have a roadmap on what scholarships or grants you can apply for to finance your degree. You can also gather the relevant educational material to get started. Other than this, it is also important to develop clarity on which career path you would want to choose, including a job or a business