5 Cheap Ways to Get People to Post About Your Spa on Social Media (2023)


In this day and age, social media remains to be the easiest way to get found by new customers, especially if you go viral. However, it's definitely easier said than done. And that’s why your salon needs to have Instagram-worthy decor. Not only should it attract customers, but it also encourages them to take pictures and share them online.

Here are five inexpensive ways by which you can make Instagrammable salon decor.

Determine Your Color Palette

The first order of action before playing with decor is to determine the color palette. If you already have a logo, you can use the colors used in the logo for a color palette.

The color theme is a way of expressing yourself and what your brand is about. If the right colors can stand to represent the brand, you can even get recognized just by the colors.

Create a Space Just for Selfies

Why not set up a selfie corner in your salon? An attractive selfie corner is the mark of an Instagram-worthy salon. Every generation alpha wants to take pictures to document wherever they go.

A fun and beautiful area in the corner of your salon encourages your clients to take pictures of themselves. And wouldn’t it be a free promotion when they post it online? It can be as simple as a funky wall decal or a stunning flower wall (oh, it doesn't have to be natural; paper flowers work best).

Create a Background Ideal for Instagram

Set an area for Instagram selfies, even if it's a small section. Create a decor, something bright and beautiful that stands out for taking photos. It would be the ideal space for estheticians to take before and after pictures.

The decor can be as simple as wallpaper or even a mural. But, set it up with appropriate lighting, and better if it's natural.

Hang Abstract Art on the Walls

Use abstract art as a way of promoting your brand and also to serve as backgrounds for gorgeous Instagram photos.

Ensure that the pieces are in the same color palette as your brand. Not only should they blend with the surroundings, but they should also stand out enough to add to the look you are going for. 

Abstract art need not be expensive. For as low as $200, you can add large canvas pieces ranging from geometric to nature and minimal art.

Add Interesting Furniture Pieces to Your Lounge and Reception

And finally, it's time to spruce up your waiting area/ lounge. Waiting areas are often ignored and not as interesting as the main area of the salon. However, with a bit of style, they can be places where people want to hang out.

All you need is a couple of accent pieces. They can transform your salon and give it an air of sophistication.

And they are not expensive either. For example, you can pick up accent chairs for less than $500 online.

Wrapping Up

The beautiful decor is not a luxury anymore. On the contrary, it is a necessity if you want to differentiate yourself from the ever-growing competition. And you do not need the fortune to design eye-catching decor.

With some creativity, you can create Instagram-worthy salon decor on a budget.