What are the Different Types of Massage Tables?


A decent massage table can take your client's experience from good to WOW! People are looking for a premium experience when they get a massage. How do you expect them to recommend your business if you have a low quality massage table? A single massage session of 60 minutes can cost up to $130, and you can bet that your clients will expect to get their money's worth if you want them to come back and leave a review.

Despite the price hikes, massages are becoming increasingly popular in the US. There's a lot of competition. But lucky for you, most massage therapists just use a low-quality entry-level table which makes it easy to stand out. Even adding heating (using a heated blanket or getting a table with built-in heating) can make your clients significantly more likely to return.

According to Statista, Over 51% of the citizens have shown that they use massage furniture more than twice a week. 27% of these people are the ones who also consume other massage-related products. This shows the importance of gaining an advantage over your competition.

Figure 1: Frequency of massage table usage

Source: Statista

One might find a massage table between the range of $500 to $800, but they can end up costing closer to $1500-$3000 if you want a more specialized massage table. It can be hard to know what kind of table to look for with such a vast price range, but this article should help you make the right choice.

Choosing the right massage table

When choosing the right massage table, one needs to understand the characteristics and features of distinct categories of tables. While all massage tables can be a simple surface to practice massage on, making the best choice that fits your everyday needs can still be difficult. Accordingly, a masseuse should look for a massage table with the best features to enhance client's satisfaction (and not break the bank).

The types of massage tables are portable, stationary, electric, and hydraulic (optionally heated). It's worth noting that these are not exclusive terms, except for portable and stationary. Each type of table has it's own benefits and drawbacks so there is a need to delve into the features of these massage tables one by one.

Portable massage tables: The On-the-Go Companions

Portable massage tables are foldable and easy-to-carry massage tables best suited for massage therapists. These professionals are consistently on the move with their tables to give quality massages to their clients. 


Lightweight Brilliance

The portable massage tables are lightweight and ideal for transportation. These are perfectly suited for professional massage therapists who need flexible equipment to carry wherever needed.


These tables are also foldable for hassle-free movements and storing. It can simply fit under your couch or bed without being noticeable. Due to its foldability, it can provide on-the-go convenience to its users to have still offer that luxury experience that clients expect. Therefore, these portable massage tables come with both convenience and value simultaneously.

Compact Sturdiness

Despite their lighter weight, these portable tables remain quite sturdy. Most tables clearly state their weight limit, and since portable massage tables generally use a steel cable design, they offer greater stability than you might expect.

Stationary Massage Tables: Stability with Promise of Comfort 

Stationary massage tables are a more durable and premium option designed for staying in one place. These tables offer a lot of stability to have a more relaxed client experience. The table of this type can typically have larger weight capacities, but they maintain premium comfort.


Fixed Marvels

The stationary massage tables have unwavering stability and durability, which is why their traditional style has been popular for years. It has a unique design that is repeatedly tested to provide rigor for professional and personal usage.


The robust structure of the table supports large weights, which can be beneficial for overweight clients. It is unlikely to have a delicate design which may break or damage in the short-term period. They are also a much better option for more intense massage styles like Shiatsu.

Spacious Comfort

Due to its large capacity to carry weight and increased padding, stationary tables provide luxurious comfort to clients of all weights. One does not have to worry about any physical damage from falling or getting hurt. If you're worried about the liability of having a massage table break, you should consider getting a stationary massage table. They're built to withstand anything you throw at it.This feature builds a comfortable atmosphere to have the highest quality massage experience.


Due to its stable design and structure, it is easier to provide this table in simple or elegant designs. Stationary tables can have much more complex designs, so even when you cover the table with a sheet, you can appreciate the features.

What to Stationary Tables to Buy:

Silver Fox Adjustable Single Panel Massage Table 2249 and Silver Fox Chiropractic Drop Table 2241C are the two major products in this range by Sunlight Spa Supply. These products start from a range of $1701 only to provide the price value with the utmost comfort and luxury experience.  


Electric Massage Tables: Precision and Luxury Comfort

By deploying a motor mechanism, electric massage tables provide heavenly comfort in all positions. One can adjust the massage table's height with the remote and gain the perfect access to hard to reach spots. You can also make adjustments with your foot or hand based on the control systems of your massage table. Foot controls are great if you get your hands dirty and wish to keep the table clean.


Motorized Mastery

The motorized sections allows you to make fine adjustments in this type of massage table. The electric motors use electricity to provide seamless movements to access the right pain points of clients.

Control at Your Fingertips 

The unmatched positioning comes with the option of control. One can make changes in the shape via hand, foot or remote control to provide the right command to the equipment. The controls include high ease of use so that every person can have a simple and easy mechanism for control.

Versatility and Transitions

The versatility of the product lies in its seamless transitions to bring the best comfort with unmatched positioning. It ensures a customized experience for the user to adapt to their everyday needs. It can fit the specific needs of the customers that are using it. Some more advanced chairs actually come with a memory button that allows you to set the chair to a preset position with a single button press. A lot of professionals find it extremely useful! See the 2246EBM.

What Electric Massage Tables to Buy:

The medical electric spa range includes products like Libra Electric Medical Spa Chair, Pavo Electric Rotating Medical Spa Chair, Tranquility Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table, and many others with a starting price of $1,999. Simple massage table range also includes Silver Fox 2274 Electric Massage Table with lower prices of up to $1,079 


Heated Massage Tables: Providing a Warm Embrace 

A warm and comfortable experience to get rid of those body aches require heated massage tables. These tables offer the thermo-heating experience to get a high-end spa experience



The heated massage tables introduce you to the new warmth of the spa, which can be a sensory delight. The clients can have a soothing experience with a warm and gentle touch to relax the muscles with the help of heated massage tables.

Different from the Rest

Adding a heating element is one of the easiest ways to make your service stand out from other businesses and providers. You can add a heated blanket to your current table, or request that your table includes a built-in heating element when you're buying a new table. They often only increase the price by $100-$150. This feature can be added to portable and electric tables alike. 

Easy to Add to an Existing Table

It's quite easy to retrofit an existing table with a heated blanket. Heated blankets can range from $40-$150 on Amazon. We would recommend paying a little extra for a nice one since cheaper ones can have slow or uneven heating.

What Heated Massage Tables to Buy:

Sunlight Spa Supply carries only one Heated Electric Spa Bed at the price of $2,495, but all Silver Fox tables have heated designs (available upon request), however they are built to order and take about three months to ship. 

Choosing the right massage table can help you to boost your physical well-being with your growing age. Visit Sunlight Spa Supply to access their massage table range at the best prices. We offer different styles and designs to cater to the needs of individuals of all types of demands.